Trinity Groves to Host Fork Fight: A Battle Between Incubator Concepts

forkfightI’m not sure what is in the water at the Trinity Groves headquarters, but I want some. The brains behind the 13-acre restaurant-retail-artist-and-entertainment development at the base of the west end of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge are working overtime. This morning comes word they company is going to organize a competition between the businesses already admitted to the incubator program.

I love a good food fight so I cornered Mark Brezinski, the project consultant for Trinity Groves, for more information. Reluctantly, he sent the bracket for the completion. You can see it below the jump. Here’s the gist:

Eight restaurants—SOUK, Casa Rubia, Kitchen LTO, Chino, Amber Jax, Saint Rocco, LUCK, Resto—will submit a four-course menu a week before their scheduled “appearance.”  Each team will create an appetizer, salad, entrée, and dessert to the audience who will choose the winner. The victor moves to the next round.

Tickets ($75) for each event will be sold to the public and will cover food, wine, service, and a ballot (a fork). The first Fork Fight will be Thursday, July 11 and competitions will be held every Thursday until the grand finale on August 29. The restaurant that makes it to the finals will have to face Sharon Van Meter, head honcho and chef of 3015 at Trinity Groves. (That’s not a task I would look forward to.) Check back for ticket info as they are in the process of uploading the online sales site.

Fork Fight Bracket