Slow Bone Co-owner Jack Perkins Ticketed for Assault

A delivery driver for a local food company called the police and claimed he was physically assaulted by Jack Perkins, the owner of The Slow Bone barbecue restaurant on Irving Boulevard. Perkins also owns Maple & Motor Burgers & Beer. The driver says he ordered a chopped beef sandwich at the counter and was asked if he wanted to add cole slaw for an extra $2.00. “I ordered and it’s $7.50 for sandwich,” said the customer. “I said ‘you gonna hit me for $2 for cole slaw?’” He claims Perkins “lit-up like a firecracker,” threw the sandwich, and followed him out to his truck where Perkins allegedly bumped his chest against his. He climbed into his truck and pulled into the parking lot next door and called the police.

Perkins’ version is different. He claims the customer ordered a chopped beef sandwich ($6.99) and, when an employee asked if he’d like to add a side of cole slaw, the customer said, “You want $2 for cole slaw? It’s already too &%*ing expensive.” Perkins says he told the customer he didn’t have to eat it and “he could just go.” He grabbed the sandwich and tossed it in a trash can.

The customer, who denies swearing at the employee, says he walked out of the restaurant and Perkins followed him. Perkins claims, “The guy slow-walked” to the door “giving me the eyeball.”

“He starting calling me cheap, “bulldogged” me, and told me to go to McDonald’s,” said the customer. “He gets an inch from my ear and he’s yelling ‘get the hell off my property’ and he is so close his spit is hitting me.”

Perkins says he escorted the man to the property line but never touched him. The Dallas Police Department showed up and issued Perkins a ticket for misdemeanor assault.

Other news from The Slow Bone: Starting Sunday, the restaurant will offer lunch only and close at 3:00PM everyday.


  • Jack Perkins

    Let the s***storm commence. The driver works for Halperns by the way. I’d never heard of them either.

  • Gipson

    I know it’s sad, but my only takeaway from this story was that I still need to get out and try The Slow Bone.

  • dutch

    what’s the old saying? if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…..(or yelps/facebook posts like a duck)

    • Jack Perkins

      I never said I wasn’t a duck. i just said i never touched him.

      The guy drives for Halperns.

  • Customer

    Typical Jack Perkins, nothing to see here. This guy just makes average, overpriced burgers and BBQ and gets confrontational if you speak your mind about it.

  • Edward

    What possesses customers to come into a restaurant and get all huffy about the prices? I agree with the owner: if you don’t like it, then go somewhere else. There’s no need to get in someone’s face about it. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of businesses aren’t here just to server our every whim and fancy, especially if you are a jerk about it.

  • Rodney Haas

    Jack simply makes great food! If you don’t want to pay for the price of admission go somewhere else.

  • Greg Brown

    Ummmm. . .$6.99 for a good BBQ sandwich is a bargain. That guy would have gone postal if he walked into Lockhart.

  • Jacks a Jerk

    What a non-surprise – Jack Perkins is an embarassment to the industry. Who would think in a customer driven business you would have to deal with a few you dont like? What a shock. Jack, the customers are the people who pay your bills and let you drive a bunch of cars and motorcycles. If you dont like customers, maybe you are in the wrong business? I know, I dont need to spend my money with him and I dont – but he is a true embarassment to restauranteurs. There are thousands of great people in this business who take care of their staff and guests and still make money and live great lives.

    • Jacks a Jerk

      oh – have fun trolling jack.

  • JustaFoodie

    I’m with the customer on this one – the food is overpriced and not at all special. Brisket was so fatty that I hardly tasted any meat, stuffed porkchop was dry and bland, and sides were also very bland. At these prices, the food should be superlative, and (IMO) it is not…

  • Threeboys

    I haven’t eaten in either of his spots, but I’m with Perkins. Prices are posted. Order and pay or leave. It’s the customers choice.

  • Kenny

    it’s about $250 for the ticket…I’ll pitch in for the Jack Defense Fund. Where do I send the money?

  • JtB

    I miss going to Harvey Goff’s on Lovers……..

  • seen his antics before

    You know… anyone who has spent any time in the restaurant business as a customer facing owner or employee knows that you are going to have bad customers that complain about price, want freebies, complain about the food when it’s not justified, etc. It’s just the way people are.

    As a restaurant owner you have to learn to have thick skin. Jack thinks he is a real hard nosed dude by intimidating his customers, but the fact is that he is a pretty insecure individual with anger issues and he treats his employees and his customers really poorly. The days of Harvey Goff are OVER. This is the digital age and word gets around too fast.

    Forget his business… Jack should be ashamed to have the reputation that he does in the community. This guy was teaching our children… a scary thought.

    Regardless of what really happened at Slow Bone, the fact is that there is enough history to justify the idea that this did happen as the customer said. What goes around comes around Jack.. and your limited success is not a good enough reason to be a jerk to the people who put clothes on your back.

  • Over it

    The customer isn’t always right. I’m happy someone in this city has the backbone to say so. If you don’t like it go somewhere else. Let’s not forget the people who own businesses in the hospitality industry are also customers too. Every diner has a choice of how much money to spend and where to dine. So, quit bitching about prices keep your mouth shut and leave if you don’t like it.

  • Wait, That Jack Perkins?

    “This guy was teaching our children…..a scary thought.” Only in Highland Park. Why did he leave? He’s left a trail of something….. that’s for sure.

  • Wait, That Jack Perkins?
  • Kenny

    so what you are saying is no matter what the customer does, no matter how rude the customer is, no matter how insulting the customer is….never ever ever should a man stand up for his staff, food or business? Is that the jest of what you are saying? As a business owner you have become a mat for everyone to walk on? Really? Why not tell me where you work and let’s see if you turn the other cheek when I demand Benz quality on Vw prices. Do you as a customer in my place of business mean I do not get to make a fair profit?

  • Paul Dwyer

    As is often the case, the truth here is likely found in the middle-ground between the two stories. I don’t doubt for a second that the customer was a bit more aggressive and confrontational than he mentions, and Jack may well have been as well. However, Jack Perkins is a smart man, and knows better than to touch someone in a confrontational manner especially on the premises of a new restaurant. That being my opinion, I’m with Jack here.

    • that guy

      From what Ive heard from several people is he has a tendency to put hands on his people. Ask some of his ex employees. Very sad man, Needs a reality check soon.

    • i have seen it

      I have personally seen jack or should i say john howard perkins flip his lid on customers and staff. He is a person that cannot control his temper. He has been physical with employees, just ask the ones that dont work there anymore.

  • Paul Dwyer

    If you’ve got a burger that’s better than Jack’s at M&M I’m all ears.

    note: except Off-Site Kitchen… that burger is the truth.

  • Snack Perkins

    For comparative purposes, you can pay a dollar more and get a sandwich with over a pound of the the nation’s best barbecue ( Stop throwing an obnoxious fit about someone calling you out on your gouging margins on your shitty cabbage product.

  • Uramess

    If I were him I would be worried about the legal ramifications of being found guilty of this charge.

  • dutch

    Try Club Schmitz. it’s better than M&M.

  • Uramess

    Jack, I will share with you the best advice I have ever received from an attorney: Shut up!

  • Jeff Hayden

    Odd how all the Jack haters are anonymous.

    I also have no respect for a guy who would call the police over an alleged chest bump. Man up, dude. Maybe you should have been eating at La Madeleine or one of those places that put chicken salad on a lettuce leaf. Also, I’m pretty certain you knew the prices before you ordered. Sounds like you were just trying to get free stuff. Run along now and let the grown-ups eat their man food.

  • Eric Hansen


  • Paul Dwyer

    And how is it that you know the degree to which I know Jack?

  • Eric Hansen


  • That Guy

    Does anyone think funny that these stories have came from so many different people that say it has happened to them and people continue to back this guy up. Don’t even know the guy but have heard this multiple times. Sad.

  • USMC

    Jack your a JERK!! Why don’t you just hop on your little Bat Girl motorcycle, and ride out of town. The Slow Bone will end up going out of business just like your Ocotaco fiasco did.

  • Chill

    Best Friggin Brisket in Dallas… Next time I’m at Slow Bone I’m gonna chest bump Jack!!! It’s all worth it.

    I think the driver needs to chill the flip out!!

  • bye

    Truth be told, Jack is a true ass. Tired of seeing guys rub elbows with the jerk. I worked for this guy for a little bit. I seen first hand how he treats his employees with the scare tactics and fear he puts into them. Most are illegals and let it happen because they need work. I once saw him go crazy on one guy and then listen to him justify his reasons for being such an ass. He has no business teaching our kids or running any kind of business that deals with the public. I feel for any patron that spends money in this guys establishment, but even more I feel for his employees that work hard to be treated like dogs. Oh and for those of you that think he likes you….. wrong, he looks down on just about everyone. He sits his but behind a bar and can’t wait until u screw up in his eyes just so he can make his point. Way to go Jack, but I am sure that while you sit there reading these post and article in that little mind of yours the only thought you are having is any publicity is good publicity, ha.

  • francesca

    $2.00 coleslaw sounds like a bargain to me. No one is perfect. Every diner has a choice where to spend their money. People also have a choice who to work for. Try running a restaurant for one day and let’s see how perfect you are.

  • Dmsx1603

    Jack Perkins has caused problems in this small town of Dallas. Plus his food is way over priced and subpar! Hunkys is way better

  • I LOVE Jack – not really

    Jack’s smart and he is a jerk! No doubt he didn’t put his fingers on the guy…but i bet every other bit of what was reported was dead true. Just go watch him talk to his “customers” and patrons on a daily basis….you do it this way (his) or no way….”get the hell out of here, what are you stupid!” Again and again.

    I know several people who have worked for him and say what happens in the front of the house is only half the temper-tantrums he has in the back of the house! They are quite frankly physically scared of the guy. Women as well, which takes a real special guy to do that.

    So while he has gotten rave reviews for his cuisine (which M&M is good) I chose not to support. Offsite kills it anyway….with zero tude or possibility of being assaulted if the owner is having a bad day!

    Hopefully this will go to court and justice served for this guy and redemption for all the others that got trampled along the way.

    No I didn’t post my name! Yes Jack i’m a chicken little, lily livered, pansy….or…I just dont need to engage the never ending drama of your shenanigans. Just chalk me up as another one of those cyber stalker that’s out to get you! Cue the mysterious music!

  • Chris B

    Jack, come to Waxahachie, please? The old Twisted Frog just closed in downtown. They have a kitchen and bar. You could make this place awesome!!!

  • jaq

    If Jack Perkins is anything like the people he hires at Slow Bone, I believe the guy who says he was assaulted. Be careful if you go to Slow Bone. The metal under the veggies section is extremely hot. The manager Ian Tate, said there is a warning sign. I didn’t see one since I wasn’t looking for one and I scalded my knee. I was afraid a child would go there and burn his or her hands or worse so I called to let them know that I had scalded myself. I couldn’t get out another word before I was yelled at by the manager about the warning sign and that he would do nothing more to protect customers or their children. Just please be careful if you go.

  • Ozzie

    This sounds exactly like what happened to me at MMB in 2010. JP has a screw loose.