Slow Bone Co-owner Jack Perkins Ticketed for Assault

A delivery driver for a local food company called the police and claimed he was physically assaulted by Jack Perkins, the owner of The Slow Bone barbecue restaurant on Irving Boulevard. Perkins also owns Maple & Motor Burgers & Beer. The driver says he ordered a chopped beef sandwich at the counter and was asked if he wanted to add cole slaw for an extra $2.00. “I ordered and it’s $7.50 for sandwich,” said the customer. “I said ‘you gonna hit me for $2 for cole slaw?’” He claims Perkins “lit-up like a firecracker,” threw the sandwich, and followed him out to his truck where Perkins allegedly bumped his chest against his. He climbed into his truck and pulled into the parking lot next door and called the police.

Perkins’ version is different. He claims the customer ordered a chopped beef sandwich ($6.99) and, when an employee asked if he’d like to add a side of cole slaw, the customer said, “You want $2 for cole slaw? It’s already too &%*ing expensive.” Perkins says he told the customer he didn’t have to eat it and “he could just go.” He grabbed the sandwich and tossed it in a trash can.

The customer, who denies swearing at the employee, says he walked out of the restaurant and Perkins followed him. Perkins claims, “The guy slow-walked” to the door “giving me the eyeball.”

“He starting calling me cheap, “bulldogged” me, and told me to go to McDonald’s,” said the customer. “He gets an inch from my ear and he’s yelling ‘get the hell off my property’ and he is so close his spit is hitting me.”

Perkins says he escorted the man to the property line but never touched him. The Dallas Police Department showed up and issued Perkins a ticket for misdemeanor assault.

Other news from The Slow Bone: Starting Sunday, the restaurant will offer lunch only and close at 3:00PM everyday.