Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Ocho to be Another Location of Mi Piaci

Marvin has a big mouth.
Marvin has a big mouth.

Meet Marvin. He is my undercover snitch. Marvin knows a lot about the Dallas restaurant business. He’s socially awkward and therefore people feel comfortable feeding him information. They trust him with their secrets. Marvin has two qualities I love: he has a big mouth and my phone number. Marvin, who resembles a Black-footed Albatross, called this morning. He is convinced the space formerly known as Ocho will become a second location of Mi Piaci.

Could be. Brian Black, one of the principles in The Hatch Partners Team that opened Ocho, is the owner of Mi Piaci. Ocho closed abruptly on June 3 and put up a note that they were closed for renovation.  I’ve left messages for Black and Ocho chef Joel Harloff but they aren’t returning my requests. So I can only guess Ocho’s managing partner Eric DiStefano is back in Santa Fe. Sounds like a good plan to me.


  • Rodney Haas

    Hopefully they do something with the food selection. They had gone from one of the great Italian restaurants to mainly a glorified steak house. The needed an identity. Maybe they will get one with a new owner.

  • sherman

    Il Sole seems more likely

  • MrsMarvin

    I love Marvin. Very funny

  • Threeboys

    Ocho is also on the TABC delinquent list released this morning.

  • dallasboiler

    Il Sole / Mi Piaci would be great in that location. I still miss Il Sole down on the Travis Walk.

    I vaguely recall seeing the reports at the time of Il Sole’s closure which mentioned that they planned to re-open the concept in another location without so much Italian competition (Villa O and Taverna all on the same block).

  • joeat

    Come on folks, this a DEAD location where nothing is ever going to make it restaurant-wise – not parking for one car. The Chinese restaurant did for many years, different era. Mi Piaca, Mi Whatever, it just won’t work. Get over it as a restaurant location. Please save your money and don’t be desperate to put in another losing venture.

    • mavdog

      the space has access to the parking structure.
      a good operation can make it work (Ocho unfortunately was NOT one of these), especially if they have a lunch menu at the right price points.

    • Nancy Nichols

      I dunno. Jenny Ho’s was there for a million years. Maybe a place with name recognition will work…

  • CapGuy

    Mi Piaci – 8 months