Cane Rosso to Celebrate its Second Verace Pizza Napoletana Certification on June 18

Chef Dino Santinicola, Jay Jerrier, and VPN certification
Jose Barrios, Jay Jerrier, and Peppe. “Here is a picture of me with Peppe before I opened Cane Rosso and before the weight of the world crushed my spirit,” says Jerrier.

I’m not in the pizza business, so any email with “VPN certification” makes me think of computer networks and IP addresses. Not “Verace Pizza Napoletana certification.” You’re probably wondering: What the thingamajig is a VPN certification? Well, it could just be (like this Serious Eats guy says) a marketing tool. According to owner Jay Jerrier, it’s “not required to make good pizza, but it is a ‘seal of quality’ and indicates that we follow the guidelines for true Pizza Napoletana.”

So there you have it. Cane Rosso jumped through a lengthy requirement process for a VPN certification.

Peppe Miele, President of L’Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana for the US, is coming out to Cane Rosso White Rock on 6/18 to present us with our VPN Certification.  Per VPN rules, each location of a pizzeria must be inspected and approved in order to obtain certification.  We had to fill out paperwork, take photos, and shoot video of the entire pizzamaking process to send to Naples.  We did this as soon as we opened and everything came back with the thumbs up.  We’ll have a little party at White Rock when Peppe is in town at 7pm on 6/18…he’ll present us with our numbered certificate and window sign (the tradition!!).  This will make us the only pizzeria in Dallas proper with not 1, but 2, VPN certified pizzerias.  The only other one in the area is Cavalli in Irving.

To celebrate, Jerrier’s throwing a party at White Rock when Peppe gets into town June 18 at 7 p.m. “We’ll do our normal pizza happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m. ($5 marinara/Margherita, $7 emma/Ella) and we’ll work on a few other snacks to put out,” says Jerrier.


  • Ryan

    There pizzas are excellent, but their location at White Rock has the worst customer service I have seen in a while and from what I experienced they don’t care to get better because their brand is so good right now. Unfortunate cause I live in the neighborhood and would love to be a regular.

  • peet

    Ryan… may I suggest that you tell Jay or the manager on duty what your concerns are? They are really good at responding and listening. They might not always agree, but I think if you like the food its worth telling them what you’re thinking…

  • VMan

    I went a week ago and the food was great as I expected, but from the hostess to the servers to the runners everyone seemed bored. The girl who cleared the plates was the only bright spot. I was so excited for them to open in the hood, hopefully this will get straightened out.

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  • Ryan

    peet…since you responded I will share. My childhood friend was in town with his family and specifically ask to go to Cane Russo. We got there together but one of his kids needed some assistance so we went ahead a walked in. We requested a party of 7and that we are all here. The hostess said since our party wasn’t physical inside the restaurant she couldn’t sit us. I said fine and how long it would take for an inside table. She said 15 minutes and got my number and I recieved a text. During this time while we are ALL waiting and enjoying a cocktail two big parties came in and were immediately seated. A few minutes late the same hostess came up to us and said that our table is ready for outside. I mentioned to her that we specially requested an inside table. She then said that it would be 45 minutes then. I ask why the other two big parties were seated ahead of us when all of us were here. She then tapped me on the shoulder smirked and said will seat you right away but she ingored us. She went on with her business talk to a gentlemen who looked to be a manager he glanced over and helped her with the hostess area. I walked up to ask what was going on and I got a “Sir, I don’t have time for your right now” response. Needless to say we left after that. We live 3 blocks away from the restaurant and have spoken to many neighbors. We are glad the restaurant is doing well we just wish it was welcoming. -Ryan