Nancy Nichols Shows Up in a Piggy Suit on D: The Broadcast

People ask me what Nancy looks like all the time. Usually I make sh*t up and hem and haw my way past that question until we start talking about the weather. Well, the truth is Nancy has pink skin, hooves for hands, and big cartoonish eyes. She’s got a tail that wags when she’s happy and a snout that can sniff out truffles three feet underground. If you put an apron on her, she looks exactly like a Piggly Wiggly.

So my favorite part of this video isn’t even the part where Nancy talks about her 100 Best New Restaurants list and threatens Lisa Pineiro’s life after she asks for Nancy to divulge a secret or two. Watch Lisa’s face at 3:23. It. Cracks. Me. Up.

If you look really, really closely (or maybe you can’t see it with all the editing they did), you’ll see Nancy wearing pigtails. And her last words on local television? “Eat it, Tim!”

Join us at our 100 Best Restaurants party tonight at 3015 Trinity Groves. We’re revealing which restaurants are on the list tonight. Nancy will be there wearing her piggy suit again. You’ll be in for a shock, I promise.