Green Grocer is Juicing Now

Green Grocer's Mean Green juice
Green Grocer’s Mean Green juice

People are so juice crazy these days (have y’all read the NY Times article about it?), I thought you guys should know you’ve now got a new vegetable water source in town. From the bowels of Green Grocer’s Facebook page:

“Mean Green” cold pressed juice is stocked and we are going to do our best to have them on our shelves on a continuous basis (unless they sell out). Ingredients: cucumber, apple, kale, celery, lemon, ginger.

Right now all of our green juices do have some fruit in them, but we are just getting started. Eventually we will roll one in that doesn’t have fruit. We make made to order juices in a centifugal juicer on the the weekends from 9- 2 and we can always exclude fruit in those if you would like.