Someone Breaks into Tom Spicer’s FM 1410, Leaves Five Gorgeous Holes in the Wall

Tom Spicer looking through his holes
Tom Spicer looking through his holes

It took me three times to read this and understand, but here it comes, straight from the spicy Spicerman himself (via Facebook page). Hoo-ah!

BREAKING BREAK IN NEWS: THIS JUST IN… dit.dit. dah-dah-dash/back slash.
Yep we were broken into (again and for the 7th time in 7 years) and this time he was out for ca$h, cold, hard Dirty Randy ca$h but he was caught. It appears that when all he could find was half of a dollar bill (a $1.00 tip from a gig I played as a duet we literally split/tore it in half 50/50 ya know?) he found my sledge hammer and went berserk thrashing and bashing about leaving 5 holes that one of which went clean into Urbano catering’s unit A where the perp was CAUGHT. Well we’ve gone from a hole in the wall to MANY HOLES IN THE WALL. See Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Morning New posts (online digital managing editor he is and “The Best” congrats Wilonsky) he was hot on the trail reading the DPD police reports early this morning rather than me go in to detail but thanks to Mitch Kaufman of Urbano Cafe for calling me @ 6:am from the back of a squad car while the perp was still in my store (and his where they caugh him) like a cranked up bull in a China shop he was. well… what can I say, pobresito soy yo? No, could’ve been so much worse.


  • Karen Habbestad

    pos. I really liked that wall. yeah, could have been worse but could have never happened either. Sorry for you guys. Shame you can’t electrify your properties so that anyone who tries to get in gets the sh*# shocked out of them.