New Co-op Farm to Fork Foods Opens in Arlington

farmforkSometimes it doesn’t take a village, it just takes one or two dedicated people to care enough to go through the steps it takes to open a business based on your beliefs. Arlington resident Krista Grant got fed up with processed food and fatty meat from dirty feed lots offered at her local grocery store. As a mother of two young kids, she wanted to feed them healthy, all-natural products. She reached out to local farmers and ranchers and created Farm to Fork Foods, a co-op community dedicated to selling “real food” at affordable prices. Currently her young company is selling high-quality local grassed fed or grass-finished Angus beef and bison, grass-fed longhorn beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. Sign up on their Facebook page  and you’ll receive product availability information and instructions on how to order. So far, it’s pick-up only in her Arlington location Allen, Arlington, Fort Worth, and Oak Cliff.


  • Krista Grant

    Thank you, Nancy, for your efforts in putting this piece together! We are so excited to make good, wholesome food more accessible to our community!

    The past few months we have worked very hard to get a few new pick up locations up and running, and can proudly say that our customers now have the option of picking up in Arlingon, Oak Cliff, North Fort Worth, and Allen!

    • John

      good idea, wish you well. But here in the England , UK. The Co-operative Group, the first retail co-op in the world, the largest retail Co-op in the world and the largest farmer in the UK. Has owned and managed farms for over 100 years. for a number of years it has had a
      ‘Farm to fork’ programme whereby food grown in its own farms, has been sold in its retail shops.