Food News and No Booze (2/4/13)

J. Pepes on Greenville is closed for renovations. A loyal SideDisher and J. Pepes fan writes in:

J Pepes is closing for “renovations” after Sunday (2/3).  Don’t know anything else about what they’re doing, when they’re reopening, etc., but the many regulars are despondent at the loss of their local.

Eater National calls Pizza Hut’s new pizza sliders a “monstrosity.” I call them fancy bagel bites.

Winning the “Grossest Super Bowl Foods” category, these chicken wings cupcakes from a New York bakery are truly, deeply nasty. ABC News says that “the cupcake itself is made of cornbread then topped with blue cheese frosting and accented by an actual chicken wing on top.”

Bonus: It’s National Pancake Day at IHOP tomorrow (Feb. 5). FREE pancakes, my friends. Free pancakes.