Eat, Drink, Bird: Bolsa Mercado Teams Up With Trinity River Audubon Center

Buzzy is a pine warbler. He lives in my yard.

Have you visited the Trinity River Audubon Center? If not, please make an attempt to visit this special facility. I’m biased because I’m an avid birder and I support the center in as many ways as possible. Today, Bolsa/Bolsa Mercado Owner, Chris “Pileated Woodpecker” Zielke announced their exclusive catering program with TRAC. The facility is a perfect place for special events such as weddings, corporate meetings, and charity events. Chef Jeff “Blue Heron” Harris will make anything from box lunches to multi-course formal dinners. Both businesses are focused on sustainability, organic practices, and commitment to community. Here’s a link to learn more.


  • Event Person

    Congratulations! Their food is outstanding!!

  • wedding girl

    AWESOME! love Bolsa and that place is amazing.

  • DallasVegan

    I wonder if they’ll put any birds from the Audubon Center on the menu at Bolsa? Now *that* would be real cross promotion!

  • Let Down

    This IS NOT a good location for a major event. I was to have my wedding there but they are impossible to work with. Expect to bring EVERYTHING in, including all dining ware as Bolsa provides nothing. If you want to host an event here, think twice. Unless you like working with non-responsive, not helpful, sometimes rude people. Oh and by the way – you are allowed 2 hours to set up. I love Bolsa but i highly, highly recommend against The Audubon as a venue.

    • Dear Let Down

      I have been having trouble working with the venue as well. Could you share more of your experiences?