Keller Resident, MiMi Johnson, to Compete on Bobby Flay’s Dinner Battle on Food Network

Another day, another new food show, another Dallas-area resident on TV. I don’t watch enough food shows to know but it seems like the producers pick plenty of contestants from North Texas.

This morning comes word: Keller resident, MiMi Johnson, is competing on Bobby Flay’s new show, Dinner Battle on the Food Network. The show features three teams of home cooks battling to throw dinner parties. Wednesday’s show was shot in Dallas. The premise? “Three teams of the best home cooks in Dallas to throw a Wild West themed dinner party.” That’s an innovative theme.


  • Karen Habbestad

    It’s funny to me that the idea of Dallas as “wild west” is perpetuated. Ft. Worth I can see, but definitely not Dallas. Seems like Dallas is trying desperately to rid itself of that image and yet, like a really bad, putrid scent, it just lingers on and on.

    On the other hand, how exciting for Mimi Johnson, I hope she has a ball!

  • MiMi Johnson

    I had a blast Karen, thank you. Thanks to Western movies and even some current TV shows Texas will always be know for cowboy hats, boots and riding horses. 🙂