Gina’s Organic Kitchen is Closed (For Now)

My attempt to order from Gina’s resulted in four busy signals and one sad email reply. Gina’s Organic Kitchen is closed. The delivery service for gourmet, healthy food started at the end of November last year, and pretty soon after that, I fell in love with owner Gina Villalobos’ airy raspberry chia mousse. It was heavenly.

Villalobos just emailed to say that business is not going so well. “I am heartbroken to tell you that at the moment our financial partner has decided to go in a different direction and has moved to Europe. So currently we’re exploring our options.”

According to Villalobos’ press woman, this not-so-nice financial partner surprised Villalobos by leaving town and leaving Gina “devastated.”

Any of you folks out there have a rich uncle, sitting on millions, who’d like to partner with Gina’s Organic Kitchen and save her restaurant? Email [email protected]