Marc Cassel Readies to Open 20 Feet Seafood Joint in East Dallas

Timmy was wandering around East Dallas last night and spied Chef Marc Cassel tinkering around in his soon-to-open restaurant, 20 Feet Seafood Joint. Cassel is waiting for his final CO which he expects soon. The 50-seat seafood joint, in a defunct hair salon at 1160 Peavy Road, will feature lobster rolls, oysters (hot trend), and clams and I only know that from the picture. Timmy said Marc really wasn’t ready to spill details. The name? Does it refer to the perfect depth to harvest oysters? No, Cassel owns five dogs and that’s the total number of dog feet in his house. Details coming.



  • Tim Rogers

    East Dallas. Represent. Goodfriend was packed last night for dinner. In three years, this little strip along Peavy is going to be an actual destination for folks. Heck, it already IS a destination. But it’s gonna be even more awesomer.

    • Bazam

      Not trying to be snarky, but how will things be any different three years from now on this little strip? From Good to Go/Cultivar to Goodfriend, and now 20ft Seafood, every last shop on it is now occupied. I hope progress crawls along Garland Rd. towards 635. This road is due for a renaissance from its 1950’s glory days.

  • Jon Alexis

    looks great. yay to more seafood.

  • Golfnfashion

    Maybe Goodfriend can poke a hole in the wall on that side of the space and offer seafood from one side and burgers from the other. Goodfriend is already my favorite bar, and adding more menu options would only serve to keep me there longer to be served longer. Uber anyone?

  • Gab

    Cassel’s lobster roll will have a hard time competing against the 1 pound lobster roll at T.J.’s Seafood on Preston @ Herschel, where they use fresh, never frozen lobster.

  • Me13

    Sounds great…but where will there be room to park more cars???

  • Glenn Campbell

    Is Jon Alexis shilling again?