Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Husband Wants to Make Goat Cheese

Shh, it’s a surprise. Listen to her whisper:

My husband is dying to make his own goat cheese. For his birthday, I’d like to give him the necessary equipment and ingredients to get started. This includes raw goat’s milk, from what I understand. So my burning question is this: where is the best place (preferably near Dallas) to buy raw goat’s milk? I’d love the SideDish team to help me buy raw milk or info on cheese-making in general, as it is completely new to me!



  • InsideEdition

    Paula Lambert teaches classes.

  • Jen

    It’s a bit of a drive out to Keller depending on traffic/time of day, but worth it to see what else they’ve got. I recommend calling ahead to make sure they hold some for you.

  • Bruce is the website of an artisanal goat cheese company. They have an open house on November 11 11-3 pm in Flower Mound. I don’t think they sell goat milk, but he could see what goes into the process.

  • Might want to try 2L Goat Dairy in Richland. You can find info on the diary here

  • I would recommend the Rosa Family Farm as a place to try for raw goat milk and goat cheese making info. They are a small artisan goat cheese company and have great goat cheese and very cute goats in my opinion . I would check out their website and you can easily contact them by phone or email. They are also located in Leonard,TX . I give them 5 stars *****

  • Courtney

    Here is the website.