East Hampton Sandwich Co. Opens in Snider Plaza on September 12

The interior of East Hampton Co. (photos by Joy Zhang)

Hunter Pond, 25, grew up in Dallas a little sandwich-obsessed, but never found a place that served fine sandwiches just the way he liked it, so after a bit of time, he decided to open a shop of his own for handcrafted gourmet sandwiches. East Hampton Sandwich Co., named after the town in New York that Pond used to vacation when he was little, is opening up in Snider Plaza on Wednesday, September 12. Alex Urrunaga of Plan B Group designed the stylish, fast-casual restaurant to look like the inside of a beautiful summer home. Pond says of his sandwich shop, “It has a really artisan feel to it. We make all our from sauces from scratch and we cook all of our meats in-house.”

It’s hard for the law school grad-turned-sandwich shop owner to choose his favorite sandwich on the menu, but when he does, it’s either the fried chicken and jack (with Southern fried chicken, pepper jack, arugula, cured bacon, avocado mash, jalapeno cream sauce) or the turkey-bacon-avocado sandwich. Pair your sandwich with beer or wine from the menu, and Pond and Co. believe you’ll have yourself a mighty fine lunch or dinner at East Hampton Sandwich Co.

Owner Hunter Pond


  • Mike

    Just had lunch there. Great little spot. Definitely will go back.

  • will

    Keep that top button open Pond!! Sexy!

  • Leigh D.

    just did the mock service invite-only today….for sure will be coming back for regular service.

  • Hank

    The food is amazing I was fortunate to get a sneak peek!! Very inviting atmosphere. East Hampton Sandwhich co lights up snider plaza with its street presence alone.

  • SDM

    around $15 for sandwich, chips, and drink. no thanks. hell, grilled cheese is $5.

  • Bailey

    Place is actually very good and it serves beer and wine. I had the burger and it’s better than Burger House. Definitely need to try it out

  • richard

    this place is set up to fail…better burger than Burger House? come on

  • peter

    totally different vibe than Burger House – I’m excited to see what this place is like. don’t forget to grab a stogie next door too

  • mecca hater

    good luck career changing restaurant owner! hope mommy and daddy can keep the lights on for you!

  • West

    *law school, did not graduate

  • Susan

    FINALLY a gourment sandwich place in dallas and with wine! I can’t wait to try all the sandwiches made into salads! Love how they prepare the meats and sauces in house.

  • Hungry Guy

    I have not been yet and I look forward to stopping by. I agree with earlier poster – these places are setup to fail. Yes it’s fresh, yes it’s new, ……$15 sandwich places just don’t have long shelf life. Wish him the best but, get the For Rent sign ready.

  • james

    cool hang-out, classy joint…will likely see plenty of hp and smu kids filling up this space.

    don’t mind the haters. probably people not courageous enough to set out on their own venture. laggards never understand trend-setters anyways.

    “he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” Ali

  • james

    and I believe I payed $8 bucks for chips and a sandwich today (no drink, just water), so….have you been there?

  • SDM

    @james – looking at the menu linked above, unless you ordered off of the kids menu then the cheapest sandwich is a veggie option for $8. Chips are $3 on top of that. The kids sandwiches are $5 so maybe you did order one of them.

  • brian

    hi SDM i was at the soft opening and the sandwiches we got came with chips on the plate. Not a huge portion of chips but my sandwich was so big it was plenty.

    The lobster roll and meyer lemon chicken were both amazing.

  • Jodi

    Best cheeseburger I’ve ever had…hands down. The homemade sauces are incredible!

  • People need to stop hating. This is a food blog. Talk about the food! Who cares if he went to school or dropped out or if his parents are helping him pay for the place…..he knows his shit! Try a sandwich from East Hampton and then tell me what you think. It may be pricey but its worth it for the meat and quality!

  • MB

    ho-ly sh*t have you seen the menu??? asparagus and gruyere sandwich? GRILLED lettuce in a ceasar? DO ME ON IT. And FINALLYYYY a decent cuban sandwich in Dallas. BOOM! I’ll be there later today and you can bet that I’m gettin allllll in that FA SHO.

  • SMC

    Went with a buddy for early dinner. Atmosphere is fantastic–open, airy, simple/sleek design with a great bar area. Sandwiches and sauces were phenomenal and beer choices unique. Very much looking forward to my next visit.

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