• C Blair

    Dinner at Charlie Palmers Monday evening was sensational. Tomas, our server, matched our mood wonderfully and was able to help with menu items. Ordered the corn soup based on earlier comments we had read and weren’t disappointed by the blend of flavors. It wasn’t creamy at all, so didn’t overpower the rest of the meal. Hanger steak was fantastic, as was the salmon. Can’t decide if the shrimp and grits 4th course was better than the Hanger steak – I think it was a toss up. Nice-sized shrimp over grits with a spicy sauce circling the grits (so that you didn’t have to have the hottest part if you didn’t want it). Half price bottles of wine on Sunday and Monday were more tempting than the wine pairings. Definitely a “go back to” place!!!

  • Wes Mantooth

    My bride and I tried Del Frisco’s on Saturday night and were strongly disappointed. The service was fine and the atmosphere was not unexpected, but the food was not of the caliber I expected. We ate off the Restaurant Week menu. The tomato bisque was tasty, but not discernibly better than what you can get from the jar at La Madeline’s. On the other hand, the Del’s salad was delicious and the bacon was expertly cooked. The filet was okay, but not anything spectacular and not a lot of flavor. The veggie of the night was steamed carrots — give me a break. But at least they were cooked properly. We also ordered a side of sauteed mushrooms, and it was the second worst rip off of the night. Maybe a dozen whole medium-sized white button mushrooms which were sauteed properly but the chef forgot to season them at all. Blah. For $9 those mushrooms should be getting up and singing! The peach cobbler was good if a bit flat, but the strawberry cheesecake was underwhelming. If I wanted to eat just cream cheese and no other flavors, I would just pick up a slab of cream cheese at the store. I love dessert and didn’t eat more than 3 bites, although the pecan shortbread crust was tasty.

    On top of that, somebody needs to talk to Del’s about highway robbery when it comes to the wine list. I know that (and accept) that restaurants make a lot of their margin on their alcohol sales, so I wasn’t particularly peeved about paying $14 for a Sazerac cocktail (which was quite nicely made). But the wine prices were preposterous. There’s no need for a 400% markup on retail pricing, especially on a mediocre-at-best bottle like a 2009 Mark West Pinot Noir.

    I love Restaurant Week because we get to try new places we might not otherwise venture into, and this is a perfect example. The meal we ate would have been close to $300 (with drinks) if we would have ordered it off the regular menu. We still had an almost $200 mistake of a dinner, but at least we know not to go back to Del Frisco’s again. I’d much rather spend that money at Bob’s or Canary.

  • Kate

    Nosh for dinner on a weeknight. Service felt rushed. Server’s cell phone rang aloud while they were delivering our food. The dishes were fantastic though. Watermelon salad with balsamic was refreshing, cheddar grits cooked perfectly, and a wonderful tart finished the meal. Lots of celebratory parties and groups around us seemed to be enjoying their meals as well.