Teresa Gubbins to Join CultureMap Dallas

Jennifer Chininis: The Ferdinand Magellan of CultureMap.

Last week I reported PegasusNews was bought by the Dallas Morning News. In the post I pondered the whereabouts of ace reporter Teresa Gubbins. The rest of the PegNews staff are now employees of the DMN, but Gubbins didn’t make the move. (More likely, she wasn’t asked to make the move. She’s been there and done that.) Nobody could get TG on the phone so I offered a prize to the first person who could find her.

Earlier today I tweeted: Hey, I spotted @tgubbins coming out of a cartology class early this morning. She’s alive!

I just received a reply from former D Magazine managing editor turned CultureMap editor, Jennifer Chininis:

Hey, @DSideDish. We have an update on the whereabouts of @tgubbins. She’s with us! So, do we get a prize?

What is CultureMap, you ask? Right now it’s four former D Magazine employees sitting around trying to launch a new lifestyle website. I guess  Gubbins ups that count to 4.5. TG still writes freelance for us.

No prize, Chininis. You didn’t read the fine print of the contest. They are: “contest not valid for individuals who leave D Magazine only to turn around and steal the talent.”

UPPITY DATE: Timmy has a CultureMap business story.


  • Meow!!

    Glad to see Gubbins back on the scene!

  • Juanny

    She the hotness!!! jajajaja

  • Good to see Gubbins is still in town! Actually, she’s one hellofa ‘get” for a startup website. Here’s hoping it turns into more than just another page on facebook. Of course, if it DOES turn into something, the dmn DMN will probably buy it and put it out of business. Good luck anyway!

  • Ouch. 🙂

    From a PR perspective, both Culture Map Austin and Houston have been great to work with and I’ve had a lot of success in getting food clients on their sites. Looking forward to working with CM Dallas…especially with Jennifer!

  • 300 pound gorilla

    She’s baaacck!

  • Big CONGRATULATIONS to Teresa Gubbins, Jennifer Chininis and the entire CultureMap team!

  • Annie P

    Congrats to CultureMap and my friend and fellow animal lover Teresa! : )