Marquee Grill & Bar Has a New Name: Village Marquee – Texas Grill & Bar

Dark chocolate coulant with milk jam and dolce de leche ice cream (photos by Desiree Espada)

Sayonara, Marquee Grill & Bar. Apparently it is no more. People were getting the restaurant in Highland Park Village confused with another restaurant in a different state with a similar name, so Twomey Concepts, the owner, decided to change the name to Village Marquee – Texas Grill & Bar. Now that the name is altered, the owner decided to take the opportunity to make changes to the menu and the overall restaurant concept as well. Read on for the rest of the press release if you want to hear the details.

Executive Chef Tre Wilcox is still happy

Owner Mark Hearl explains, “We wanted to introduce an approachable menu for the summer with more selections than we’ve ever had before, while also taking inspiration from our Texas roots.  At the same time, we kept in mind that we are indeed a grill concept, and not just a restaurant for special occasion dining.”  Highlights of the new dinner menu include a steak program anchored by local Texas farmers including          Beeman Family Ranch Akaushi Sired Beef, as well as Burgundy Pasture 100% Grass – Fed Beef.  All steaks are paired with a selection of accompaniments like Foie Gras Butter, Blue Cheese Crust and Classic Oscar.  Other entrée examples include the Seared Alaskan Halibut, Lamb Two Ways, Jumbo Texas Shrimp & Grits and the Marquee Grill Beeman Ranch Burger.  Starters include items like the Beef & Green Chile Tamale, Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Coffee-Ancho Chile Rabbit Tenderloin.   The new dinner menu also introduces a Sushi & Raw Bar with selections like the Spice Crusted Tuna Sashimi, Smoked Japanese Hamachi Tartar, Lobster & Squid Ceviche and Tuna – Jalapeño Roll.

The new lunch menu offers more salads and sandwiches than ever before. Executive Chef Tre Wilcox has added Lamb Sliders, his Shrimp Roll, Texas Wood Grilled Scottish Salmon, the “TLT” Salad, Southwest Chicken Cobb Salad – and more. Another addition to the lunch menu is the Mocktails section including three non-alcoholic drinks created by Executive Beverage Director and Bar Manager, Jason Kosmas.  Kosmas created the “Perfect Peach”, the “Cassis Swizzle” and the “Nada Palozza”.

Both menus will remain in place until the fall.

Rib-eye with vegetables (left); lobster and squid ceviche (right)
Beef and green chile tamale


  • EP

    They need to do something. The last few times I’ve been there, both restaurant and bar have been emp-teee.

  • Abraham

    @EP: Interesting. I have been there a bunch lately living in the neighborhood (most recently last Wednesday, July 4th) and they certainly haven’t seemed to be hurting for business, even on a holiday. I honestly don’t mind “quieter” restaurants that lack heavy business, but this restaurant and bar has never seemed shy on occupation to me.

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  • EP

    Abraham, my last few visits have been weeknights, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Shane

    Was actually there this past Friday night… Walked over after dinner at Mi Cocina and the place was indeed dead. We assumed it was because everyone was at their beach house for the summer! But maybe only 15 people at the bar and only a few tables with people eating.

  • Mike

    I ate at three dirrerent restaurants over this past holiday weekend, and they were all slow — many were closed for the 4th. From all my years dining out, this time of year is a very difficult one to judge a restaurant or bars’ business – especially in that neighborhood, where most residents have second (or third) homes in much cooler climates i.e. Aspen, Sante Fe, SoCal etc. It’s Highland Park, it ain’t Oak Cliff… Personally My family and collegues really enjoy Marquee; I hope they continue to do well.

  • Bill

    Agree with Mike, most residents in that area leave Dallas in the summer,

  • Leigh Brown

    Everyone in HP leaves for Aspen and beach houses during the summer. It will be busy again late August and September.

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