Former NHS Tavern Will Not Be Second Location of Off-Site Kitchen

This sign is going inside the former Neighborhood Services Tavern which will not be Off-Site Kitchen

At this very moment,  I am shooting the breezes with Nick Badovinus. He is on my speaker phone. He is laughing so hard and spouting Nick-isms so fast I can’t take them all down.

It all started when I noticed a Bud Kennedy tweet:  “@eatsbeat Dallas’ retro Off Site Kitchen burger grill opening 2nd loc[ation] at 2405 N Henderson, Dallas.”  What “shocked” me is Bud is a real reporter. He’s been in the business for a long time. He doesn’t gossip at media dinners, he makes phone calls and asks questions. I spoke with Nick a couple of weeks ago about his “renno” at NHS Tavern and he had no idea what he was going to name it. He had a new sign and some groovy new décor items, but he had no name.

He still doesn’t have a name of the place that will reopen soon. But it is NOT going to be Off-Site Kitchen. Why? Because Off-Site Kitchen is basically a commissary with a food service element. Badovinus has all of his food orders sent to Off-Site Kitchen (hence, the name) and from there, they are portioned and distributed to his other restaurants. It’s a smart business move that pays for itself by serving bitchin’ sandwiches.

Here’s what Badovinus is saying between sobs of laughter and disbelief: “Where does this s*&t come from? I mean who are these people who know more than  I do? It has never come out of my mouth that there is going to be another Off-Site Kitchen. Never. How does somebody write that? I mean, do people just make these things up? Tell me, please. How does this get started? I mean people are already bitching to me that Off-Site Kitchen is too small so I’m, what, gonna take a place that sells a $3.75 cheeseburger and stick it in a high-rent location with valet parking? ( a 30-second guffaw) I mean do people think I’m stupid. It makes no business sense. Off-Site Kitchen is not a brand, it’s a place. (Oh, I see a t-shirt in the works!)  It’s a real commissary not named Commissary. I mean why can’t people just call and ask me? I’m sorry this just makes me so crazy. I don’t know how you do this s*&t for a living. You must be freakin’ exhausted.”


  • LJT

    So, if it is yet unnamed who wins the damn candle?

  • I heard it at lunch at Off-Site Kitchen. And they seemed pretty convinced. But his staff may not know exactly what Nick plans –

  • Tom

    You have been wrong on more than one occasion. This is pretty funny you would call Bud or anyone out. Early happy hour is it, darling?

  • 214holly

    This is a great post. You won’t hear it from yelp!

  • Jess

    Was NST not doing well? I always saw it filled to capacity and really enjoyed it. I’m sad. It was the best food on the street and such a nice getaway from Cap Pub and Hacienda. I’ll miss that James Bond Bathroom…..

  • Juanny

    Heard the same from folks working at OSK. Won’t be OSK exactly, but similar concept. Cheaper than NHST, with sandwiches, burgers, but with a bar. Don’t know why Nick’s flying off the handle here. If he opens a Thai joint or red sauce Italian, maybe Bud will have gotten this wrong.

  • LJT, you do. Send me your address.

    Tom, I know I’ve been wrong. But here, I am trying to put out a rumor that refuses to die.

    Jess, I will have the full story on why the redo in a few days.

  • Juanny

    Jess, the OSK folks were saying NHST business was still strong on the weekends, but slow other nights. Not enough weeknight big spenders in that area to support their prices (unlike UP and Preston Hollow locations). They mixed up the menu, lowered prices, but may have been too late to change impressions about what a meal and drinks there would cost. Relaunch with message that it’s now cheaper and maybe they change the game. Good people at both restos and Badovinus has good instincts.

  • Darren

    Love the tags Uncle Nancy!

  • Ann

    Server at Preston/Royal location says it’s going to have a pool table and games and mostly serve burgers.

  • Jenna Clemens

    Sounds like Nick needs to be angry at his staff. I think you need a chill pill Nichols.

  • Nobody is angry at anybody. Everybody talks and bullshit walks. I always need a chill pill.

  • John

    Nick is great! Thank God someone speaks his mind. How refreshing for a change!

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