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Nana’s Last Supper: Five Former Chefs Share Fond Memories

Thomas Welther, Douglas Brown, David McMillan, Jason Foss, Ronald Rosenbaum (photos by Melisa Oporto)

Oh, Nana. ‘Tis hard to bid thee farewell. You served Dallas well for all these years, and now we must finally say goodbye, because you are converting into a pretty little steakhouse called Sēr. On Friday night, when Nana’s past Execuchefs gathered together for one last hurrah at the Hilton Anatole, there was plenty of happy feasting and drinking, but everyone was bawling on the inside. Chefs Ronald Rosenbaum, Douglas Brown, David McMillan, and Anthony Bombaci teamed up to create a five-course tasting menu featuring some of their favorite dishes. Each course was out-of-this-world good, yet every bite was one step closer to Nana’s imminent death.

We’ve commemorated Nana’s contribution to Dallas with photos and quotes from all the chefs. Jump for this one last look of Nana.

Chef Ronald Rosenbaum's appetizer trio featuring honey-glazed grilled shrimp, lobster relleno, and oysters with cilantro pesto. (photo by Melisa Oporto)

Chef Ronald Rosenbaum

Fondest memory: “My first New Year’s Eve here, where we did 350 covers, and it was quite a thrill.”
Best meal/Favorite dish: That would have to be the Mexican seafood cocktail made by Rudy Hernandez, who was our pantry cook, and that was many years ago.
Where he is now: Chicago’s Casino Club

Chef Douglas Brown's foi gras torchon with white balsamic pearls, black mission figs, Pop Rock salt, and brioche. (photo by Melisa Oporto)

Chef Douglas Brown

Fondest memory: “I have so many fond moments of up here. Probably a tie between when we did the Jacque Pepin dinner and we got to meet Jacque Pepin, and our first five star rating.
Best meal/favorite dish: “The foie gras tourchon, of course, but it’s evolved over the years. It’s grown up a bit.”
Where he is now: Beyond the Box/ DISH Restaurant

Best buds: Chefs Thomas Welther, Ronald Rosenbaum, and David McMillan. (photo by Melisa Oporto)

Chef David McMillan

Fondest memory: “One of my favorite things was when we got to buy the Versace china for the private dining room, because then it was – it’s still stunning – but it wasn’t everywhere then. It was a statement.”
Best meal/favorite: “Napa cabbage filled with squab breast and a piece of foie gras that was steamed with five spices. That was my favorite, and I ripped it off a 3-star Michelin chef.”

Chef Anthony Bombaci's grilled filet of beef with red wine onions, seared potato gnocchi, asparagus tips. (photo by Melisa Oporto)
Man of the hour: Chef Anthony Bombaci in his kitchen. (photo by Melisa Oporto)

Chef Anthony Bombaci

Fondest memory: “Today. It’s a nice day.”
Best meal/favorite dish: “The squab was pretty nice today. Fresh pasta – we made a lot of fresh pasta. It’s simple and it’s tasty.”

Pastry chef Jason Foss

Fondest memory: I don’t know… It would have to be the Veuve Clicquot dinner that we’ve had. That’s probably my favorite.
Best meal/favorite dish: “They were all amazing.. a Scharffen Berger
chocolate tart with hazelnut spike and sweet vanilla creme
Where he is now: at Highland Springs

Chef Thomas Welther

Fondest memory: “How about my first date with my wife? I met her here, and we went out.”
Best meal/favorite dish: Well I haven’t cooked up here since 1985, so it might be a shrimp cocktail. No, no, no, how about the grilled veal chop with a papaya salsa.

Chef Anthony Van Camp, the pilot of the Sēr ship

Fondest memory: “Working with Tony Bombaci.”
What he’s most excited about when Sēr opens: “Everything, everything.. I get to make all the calls, so that’s very exciting.”