Eddie Cervantes to Open E Bar Tex-Mex on Haskell in Dallas

I just caught up with Eddie (Primo’s and Hully & Mo) Cervantes. The veteran Dallas restaurateur is set to open E Bar Tex-Mex on Haskell in “two to three weeks.” It’s a small space: there is room for only two cooks in the kitchen, the interior seats 42, the patio seats another 44, and there are 16 more stools at the bar. “It’s nothing extravagant,” Cervantes says. “I just wanted to start over from scratch and have fun.” Cervantes is calling all of his old chef buddies who used to hang at Primo’s late at night. “Dean has been in and he loves it,” Cervantes said. “He says he’s gonna bring in all of his industry friends.” (1901 North Haskell Avenue)


  • VM

    I can’t remember the name but is this where the Mexican place was in the 80s? Had a patio out back, two story brick building.

  • DrinksOnMe

    Welcome back Eddie!!! Hope you’ll have your kick ass margaritas.

  • FOH

    Sounds good. Last time I was at Primos a big roach ran across my plate. No big deal that didn’t bother me it was the fact that no one gave a crap. The manager was drunk and he thought it was funny. The poor waitress was horrified by his reaction. I havent been back since and I need a place to go for a good margarita!!

  • BorntoRhone

    This is not the 2 story brick building that was Mex restaurant in 80s; it is directly across the street from there in little building with Jackie Spratt Cake and Rik Tatum salon.
    I am really looking forward to it PLUS it has an actual parking lot unlike everywhere else in uptown. I just hope he has some decent wine along with the margaritas!

  • Mike

    Now that Primo’s is nothing but shit and shit people I am so happy to see Eddie back!

  • MS

    Super excited about this, love Eddie and his family…and am SO ready for a good, low key Tex Mex place. Welcome back and best of luck!!