Bailey’s Prime Plus Reveals New Menu

Ed Bailey certainly has a lot going on all around him. He is retooling the menu at Bailey’s Prime Plus with the help of Nosh Euro Bistro chefs Avner Samuel and Jon Stevens. He is also battling for control of The Chesterfield, his downtown cocktail lounge. I’m still waiting to hear Bailey’s side of The Chesterfield story, but in the meantime, I will give you the latest from the kitchen at BPP. The new menu, which looks very similar to Nosh’s menu, will debut on May 10. There are no prices with the release, but I image the “grilled lamb merguez sausage charmoula, tomato confit, and black olives” and the “herb roasted free range chicken creamy polenta, “panzanella” salad, and sherry gastrique” will, together, be less that one of Bailey’s former cowboy rib-eyes. Bailey’s Prime Minus menu below.



New Menu Launches at Park Lane Location on May 10th

DALLAS, TX (May 3, 2012) – Bailey’s Prime Plus is proud to announce that the new menu, created by Avner Samuel and Jon Stevens, will launch on May 10th at The Shops at Park Lane location.  Guests will be able to experience a new chef-driven menu that also features signature prime steaks.  Sample menu items include:


Beef Carpaccio shaved pecorino, arugula & dijon-creme fraiche

Jonah Crab & Artichoke Fritters caper & pine nut aioli

Maine Lobster “Parfait” crushed avocado, tomato confit & caviar vinaigrette

Grilled Lamb Merguez Sausage charmoula, tomato confit & black olives


Roasted Red & Yellow Beets fennel, oranges, candied pecans, goat cheese & arugula

Baby Iceberg Wedges creamy blue, red grape tomatoes, croutons & red onion

Heirloom Tomatoes & Bococinno basil oil & balsamic reduction


Roasted Alaskan Halibut cauliflower puree, spring vegetables & mandarin sauce

Herb Roasted Free Range Chicken creamy polenta, “Panzanella” salad & sherry gastrique

Bailey’s Half Pound Wagyu Burger two cheddars, full set & fries

Bailey’s Prime Cuts

Bailey’s features prime steaks and chops including a 6 and 10 oz. Beef Tenderloin, 18 oz. Kansas City Strip and 22 oz. Bone In Ribeye.


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    yuck, we think thou do protest too much.
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    perhaps your disdain is misdirected
    and you should find better use of your time and opinions…
    just food for thought.

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    Wrong side of the road/location
    Close it now, take your losses Mr. Bailey

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    i believe its thou doth protest too much, but anyway I can’t resist it’s all too ridiculous to leave alone, I guess I’m guilty of staring at the car wreck as i drive by…

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    Ah, Yuck. Much to your chagrin, looks like all is well on the Bailey front. Chesterfield is back in the black and Eddie Lucky Campbell apologized to everyone and especially to Ed Bailey… Even calling him a mentor I believe.

    Maybe it’s true that Ed is a much nicer and greater guy than you have been spewing about on your odd rants.

    Time to move on, my friend.

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    i thought this post was about the new menu at baileys??? Again, doesn’t seem to be much interest in that, since there are let me see 0 comments about the subject matter, and I don’t know about the nicer and greater part, in fact I never commented on his niceness or greatness, just his Idiotic handling of the situation and the ridiculousness of the product at the steakhouses… Anyway If you believe that firing your opening chef who came from New York with a well healed resume in 4 months time and then running down your own place due to the stupidity that led to the handling of this past week are good for business then I suggest you continue to collect your meager check every week and never strike out into the business world on your own, because you are clueless. ROBOT

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    Michael “yuck” Ehlert, and the truth shall set you free…

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    Avner Samuel and Edward Bailey?! Jesus, that’s a ticking time bomb. I give that combo 30 days – max. If we are lucky it will actually explode Bailey’s and we won’t have to hear anything else about them ever again. I hate that restaurant, more than that, I hate Ed Bailey, like most of Dallas.

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    so here goes the truth… Ed Bailey recently made a 500k investment in Nosh, to I’m sure save both locations… So hence the new menu at Bailey’s. I guess that is why Bailey rolled over and gave in on the Chesterfield, not quite the best PR move, to have your name in the Blogs for stupid nonsense while you try to announce said merger!!!
    Again smooth move IDIOT!!! GO Back to fast food you buffoon.

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    If one is considering going to work with this organization, if you have NO OTHER OPTIONS and the choice is between living in the street and working for Eddie and his rolly-polly sidekick, I would say it is a close race. How bad can the street be, really?