Vegan Fresh: Raw Chickpea-Free Hummus

Purple cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes, and lemon (photos by Michelle Saunders)

D Magazine intern Michelle Saunders is a healthy eater who makes vegan/vegetarian-friendly concoctions.

Since we tackled breakfast here last week, I figured I’d provide a lunch option this week. Hummus is often considered to be a vegetarian’s bread and butter, with good reason. Although I enjoy traditional hummus on occasion, I prefer this lighter, raw, and chickpea-free version. Made without the cooked and processed starch/protein legume combo, I find this version to be easier on my digestive system, but just as satisfying. Most commercial hummus is made with canned chickpeas which have been cooked and even salted, and are consequently devoid of their natural enzymes. This, I assure you, is a better option. Plus, it only takes about five minutes to throw together in the blender and can be served on wraps, salads, and with veggie sticks and whole grain crackers for a quick and easy meal on-the go.

You will need:

A blender

2 medium zucchinis

¼ c. olive oil

¼ c. raw tahini (can substitute almond butter if you prefer)

½ a lemon, juiced

3 cloves garlic, minced

¼ tsp. sea salt

a dash of black or cayenne pepper (optional)

½ tsp. cumin (optional)

Wrap Ingredients:

1 zucchini or sprouted grain or gluten free tortilla*

your favorite veggies

Hummus Directions:

1. Chop 1 of the zucchinis into cubes (remove skin first if it’s not organic).
2. Blend cubed zucchini and remaining ingredients until smooth and creamy, adjusting spices to your preferred flavor and intensity.

Wrap Directions:

1. If using zucchini for wrap, cut into thin slices using a sharp knife or mandoline.
2. Lay 3-4 zucchini slices together, slightly overlapping strips.
3. Place about 2 Tbs. of hummus in center of strips.
4. Add your favorite veggies (I added tomatoes and purple cabbage).
5. Roll up wraps and serve alongside a salad for a light yet satisfying lunch.

* I like to make my wraps out of zucchini, but you can use a pre-made wrap to add in some whole grains.

Note: This spread also makes a great salad dressing! I like to add 1 Tbs. of Nutritional Yeast for a bit of protein and a “cheesy” flavor.

Step 2: wrap slices
Step 3-4: wrap slices with hummus & veggies
Finished product: wraps rolled and served on a bed of lettuce.


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