Vote Now For Best Restaurants and Bars or Forever Hold Your Peace

The pin you would've gotten had I been richer.

If you haven’t voted already, there are two days left for you to redeem your shame. The Readers’ Choice poll for Best Restaurant and Bars will be open today and tomorrow only. And then, my friends, that is it for 2012. The website will give you a big, fat error message and you’ll have to sit patiently until 2013 to make a difference in Dallas dining. For those of you who’ve already voted and continue to vote, I give you my most heartfelt thanks. If it were possible, I would send you all buttons you can pin to your suits that say, “I VOTED TODAY” in red, white, and blue lettering. Unfortunately, I am not made of paper and plastics.

Edit: The survey for Best Nightlife (where most of the bar voting is) will be coming soon, so hold on to your mouse clickers.