Rockstar Bakery Throwing a Party to Launch Their New Whoopie Pie Truck

(photo by Jarrod Fresquez)

We could all use a little more whoopie in our lives.  This Friday, Dallas will see the launch of its first whoopie pie truck brought to us by the fine people at Rockstar Bakeshop.  Of course, Rockstar is not new to Dallas by any means, as they have been camping out behind a whoopie-strewn table now for months in conjunction with some other trucks around town. Rockstar, which specializes in rock-themed whoopie pies, have finally put the finishing touches on their new digs and will be cruising the streets starting this week. And to kick it all off, they are throwing a party this Friday, March 9 from 5-8 PM at Dowdy Studio (located just behind Good 2 Go Taco).  Rockstar has decided to christen their sweet new ride “Layla,” after the legendary Clapton tune. (Apparently “Cocaine” was not quite sending the right message.)

Might as well jump!

(photo by Jarrod Fresquez)

In addition to their usual whoopie offerings, they are introducing an expanded menu of chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels, cookies, s’mores bars, and sweet rum glazed banana bread.

Rockstar will be joining forces with their comrades at Easy Slider Truck, who we all love here at SideDish, as they crank out their menu of inventive sliders.  Seriously, if you haven’t had their “Sweet and Lowdown” with goat cheese, bacon and strawberry jam, add that to your to-do list for the week.  The event also includes live music and free beer. You’ll be partying like a rock star so hard, even Mick Jagger will be jealous. I’ll be there in my leather pants and ripped jean jacket to report on the whole event, I’ll be the dude stuffing his face with banana whoopie pies.

Dowdy Studio is located at 10025 Garland Road, Suite G. Dallas, TX.

(photo by Jarrod Fresquez)


  • Christopher

    Can D Magazine start a “Find My Friends” style Food Truck App!?! This Twitter process is exhausting. Plaster it with Ads, make me pay for it, whatever…just deliver Dallas into Food Truck Culture Young Adult-hood.

  • Katie

    I am so happy food trucks have made it to Dallas FINALLY! As for apps, I use TruxMap and follow TruckScout on Twitter. has a great consolidated list of truck schedules, as does SideDish.

    The real point of this comment- Rockstar’s whoopies are the bomb. I took some minis to Thanksgiving last year and, by the end of it, people were stashing dozens in their to-go bags.