No Reservations: Anthony Bourdain and BBQ Snob Daniel Vaughn Filming In Austin

Lunch at Franklin BBQ in Austin. Left to right: R. Nicholas McWhirter (Vaughn's photographer), David Hale Smith (Vaughn's agent), Tony Bourdain (iced tea?), Daniel Vaughn (self).

Daniel Vaughn, known to most of you as BBQ Snob and the man behind the blog “Full Custom Gospel BBQ”, is sitting at a table at Franklin Barbecue in Austin with Anthony Bourdain. Vaughn is filming a No Reservations episode on barbecue. Doubtless Vaughn has introduced Bourdain to the delicate terms–snot, smoke rings, sugar cookies–he uses to describe the delicacies of barbecue. Still waiting to hear Tony’s opinion of Texas barbecue. (Sitting pretty close there, Daniel!)

As Carol told you a couple of weeks ago, Bourdain’s Ecco publishing company has optioned Vaughn’s book-in-process, Prophets of Smoked Meat, a full-color tour of the best Texas barbeque joints he’s visited since he first got hooked on the ‘cue. Rock on BBQ Snob. Send us at least a text when you get your own show.


  • Looks like Shiner draft to me, Nancy. No ice, little foam around the edges.

  • sherman

    So that’s how you jump to the front of the line at Franklin’s.
    One B list cable celebrity. Check.
    One Escalade. Check.
    One Panavision HD Steadycam. Check.
    One SAG approved, MPAA certified lens puller. Check.
    Best Boy, Key Grip. Check.
    Handheld sighting lens, megaphone, camp chair. Check.
    CBGB baseball hat. Backwards. Check.
    One order of everything to go. Priceyness.

  • Forrest

    If Bourdain skipped serving his time in line at Franklin’s then he needs to rename his show to something else (insert crafty one liner that is failing me right now).

  • We sat in line from 9:45am, and made our way inside with everyone else. I was actually surprised at the lack of requests for special treatment.

  • Baited N. Switched

    Vaughn rolls around with his agent?

    I guess thats why they call him the snob.

    I preferred the grass-roots, blogspot hosted, working man’s BBQ advocate rendition of Vaughn, but I must admit, Im looking forward to the book…

  • Greenman

    I was first in line this morning. He got there about 9:45, and stood in line with everyone else. The only special treatment they got was they had a table reserved.

  • Gilliganwitz

    Is Bourdain’s health OK? And, no, I’m not trying to be an ass.

  • sherman, I served as a cinematographer, I knew cinematographers, cinematographers are friends of mine. sherman, you’re no cinematographer.

  • Jared

    Love how people are so quick to jump on Tony for skipping the line and Daniel for no longer being “working man’s” (any evidence of this?) when they weren’t even there. Personally, I had to stew in my own jealousy this morning as I sat by and received updates from my friend who was in line while I sat in my cube in Chicago. There’s not much I wouldn’t give to sit down and eat some BBQ with Bourdain and Daniel at Franklin’s.

  • SO EXCITED for you Daniel, living the dream, man! Daniel and I go way back in the Dallas architecture world, and he is STILL working as an architect if I’m not mistaken! (He will correct me here if not.)

    Although, whether he NEEDS said job now remains to be seen. 🙂

  • Everyone waited in line. There was no special treatment and Anthony was great. It was our first time there. The food was amazing and worth every minute of the wait. Can’t wait to go again.

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  • Jacob

    Daniel waited in line, and so did Anthony. In fact, Daniel got there early and walked around and talked, then went to the back of the line at 9:45. Lucky for me I was right in line before him. Even nicer, none of his staff jumped the line. Glad to see Daniel representing Texas BBQ so well (well he always does, but now he did it on No Reservations). I can wait for the episode.

  • Jeannie

    Here! here! Go away counters and haters! Daniel is taking Texas BBQ to the next level. Good for you BBQ Snob! Not surprised to read reports Bourdain and company experienced Fraklin’s like real customers.

  • Jeannie

    I meant doubters not counter!

  • Beda

    You were in line at 9:45. What time did you eat?

  • Forrest

    For the record I wasn’t accusing Daniel of cutting the line. I was just looking for an attempt at a witty pun that failed me at the end. Daniel does an invaluable service to many and I look forward to dining and talking BBQ with him again in the future.

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