Denny’s and Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Team Up To Sell Skillet Meals

Don’t bite me for posting this. Let it be known that usually I am not easily motivated to promote national chains serving average food. I love dogs and I love National Geographic Wild’s “The Dog Whisperer” starring Cesar Milan. His dog-training shows are as addicting as “House Hunters International.” However, Cesar’s method of teaching one how to be the alpha member of the pack only works on animals. Every time Zac or Tim start to attack me, I stand tall and poke them deep in the solar plexus and “sisst, sisst, sisst” until my mouth is dry. They just look at me and continue to chew on my ego.

But hark! This morning comes word from the corporate world of Denny’s: They’re produced a video spoof dubbed “Skillet Whisperer” for Funny or Die. The company’s original intent was to find “someone energetic and who would connect with English-speaking Latinos but also the Spanish-preferred Latinos.” Instead they have produced a bilingual “commercial” funnier than any you’ll see on the Super Bowl. More importantly, it makes this middle-aged WASP want to try a skillet at Denny’s.