Tim Rogers Likes Sushi Sake in Richardson

My editor and sometimes friend, Tim Rogers, talks like he’s a really tough guy. He so tough he doesn’t sit at his desk, he has his computer table elevated and he stands all day. Like I said, he’s tough. But I’ll let you in on a secret: Tim likes to cook fancy food. And he brings the leftovers in and eats them for lunch. Yesterday he told me he took his wife and another couple to Sushi Sake in Richardson. He raved about the sushi and the service. He doesn’t think there is a better sushi restaurant in Dallas. I told him I’d ask you guys what the best sushi spot is in Dallas. Tim wants to go there.


  • Stephen Edmondson

    Been saying the same thing for years. None better. For once, Tim is right.

  • Touchstone21

    Densetsu – Coit and Spring Creek in Plano. The best!

  • Nancy C

    Mr. Sushi in Addison

  • Uptown

    He is correct, Sushi Sake is the best in DFW

  • Merritt

    Absolutely agree with Tim. Sushi Sake. Since back when it was in the Campbell Road strip.

  • Lee

    Sushi Sake is terrific, but my money is on Zen in Bishop Arts. Most consistently excellent sushi I have in Dallas. I moved here from the SF Bay Area. I like the traditional stuff and rarely eat rolls. But, the Xalapa roll at Zen is the perfect fusion roll of local tastes with the Japanese tradition. It’s the best I have had.

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  • Stacy L.

    We went to Densetsu once and had to send back three sloppy rolls that were falling apart. Two servers and a manager made such a public to-do about it, we never went back. Best sushi used to be at Awaji in Plano…my husband and I went there nearly every Friday back in the early ’00s. We may need to try Sushi Sake…every other place we’ve gone to in recent years has been a disappointment. Guess our standards are too high. LOL

  • Kelly

    I agree – Sushi Sake is amazing! Teppo and Fuji are our other favorites.

  • WD

    Welcome to the party, Tim. Sushi sake it is.

  • Martin

    I agree with Touchstone, Densetsu in Plano is by far the best Sushi (and Japanese in general) restaurant I’ve been to in the DFW area.
    Everything I’ve ever tried there has been great. And on top of that their prices are reasonable.

  • Kirk

    Sushi Sake is good, but Tei An beats it by a mile.

  • DesignBoy

    Zen and Yutaka are my faves.

  • Erin

    Tei Tei or Little Katana. I’d try Sushi Sake, but I don’t drive north of 635. 🙂

  • Jed

    Sushi/Sake is a close #2 in my book. It is certainly great. #1 is Sushi Sakana in Plano at Parker/Custer. Both are great for a sushi fix

  • Glenn

    “My editor and sometimes friend, Tim Rogers…”

    Wait a minute, I think the real story is that Tim is not, in fact, your friend at all. If he is only sometimes a friend, then this means he is only an aquaintence. I think instead of editiing food reviews, perhaps its time Tim be a real friend and let you know where your relationship stands. This “on again, off again” friendship is really too big a deal to ignore.

  • Kristi

    Simon sushi in Plano- excellent!

  • There are a couple of errors in this post. It’s “sometime friend,” not “sometimes friend.” In pointing this out, I hope I have demonstrated why you’d never want to be my friend, no matter how infrequently.

    Second, I never said I thought Sushi Sake was the best joint in town — simply because I don’t eat enough sushi to make that proclamation. I said it was the best I’d been to. Just to be clear. From the moment we walked through the front door till when the credit card was laid down on the bill, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The space is intimate without feeling small. Energetic without feeling frenetic. The chefs (all six of them on a Saturday night) were a joy to watch. The food, it goes without saying, was fresh, and the presentations were beautiful.

    But the best part? A dish of tempura ice cream came out at the end of the meal with a candle in it, on account of it was my wife’s birthday. Lo, none of us had ordered it. Turns out, our chef, to whom we did not speak because the four of us were so wrapped up in conversation, had merely OVERHEARD one of us mention the birthday. So he sent out the dessert. We were delighted by the gesture, and he seemed genuinely gratified to see us so happy.

    Perfect ending to a great dining experience. I will go out of my way to eat there again. In fact, my father comes to town in a few weeks. Having lived in Japan, he’s a total sushi snob. I plan to bring him.

  • Amy S

    With the disclaimer that I don’t eat seafood, I love KU Sushi’s Veggie Tempura Roll.

  • Jeffrey Weiss

    I always order a salmon skin hand roll when I go to a new sushi joint. I figure it’s a good test of the “kitchen” since it can be done so many ways. Sushi Sake’s is the best I’ve ever had.

  • Twinwillow

    Sushi Sake. The BEST sushi restaurant in Dallas! It’s also where most Japanese business man and ex-pats go for their sushi fix.

  • Lynnie

    The only way anyone could think a sushi restaurant is better than Zen Sushi is if they’d never been to Zen Sushi.

  • Bethany

    I’m a pretty big fan of Deep Sushi. The staff has always been really attentive, and the food is great.

  • ChuckW

    Simon’ Sushi & Yutaka. Easy.

  • Touchstone21

    Stacy L. Not sure what happened, but try Densetsu again. We also were regulars at Awaji, but you must admit that before they ultimately failed, it had gone downhill. Service had become awful and the fish wasn’t as fresh as it once was. Our favorite server/manager had even jumped ship to Yao Fuzi way before they closed. Densetsu isn’t perfect, but it is worth another try. It has replaced Awaji as our regular sushi spot…we are ther AT LEAST once a week.

  • greg

    I would also have to say densetsu

  • Kimberly

    Oh great, now it will be even harder to get a table b/c all of Dallas will know about this hidden gem. I was enjoying it being a local secret.

    They do have the best sushi in Dallas by far.

  • Smith

    Hanabi Bistro in Richardson at Arapaho and Plano Rd is a unique sushi destination. It is extremely small and intimate. It has a very small selection of superb quality sashimi and a long list of rolls. The family owned and operated staff is the most gracious you will ever meet. We love our neighborhood bistro and come almost every Friday night. Sushi Sake is very good (went there often for many years before we found Hanabi) as well but there is always a wait, it is expensive and I always feel like you are just slightly rushed to vacate your seat to the waiting crowd.

  • Jessica

    Hanabi in Richardson at Arapaho and Plano Rd. They have the best sushi and great prices. Go to their Thursday happy hour. You will not be disappointed!

  • irodguy

    The best sushi is not in town but rather in Denton at Keiichi. Yes you need a reservation a couple of months ahead of time, but it’s worth it.

    For my average day to day Sushi

    I would have to give it to one of the following:
    Sushiism – New on Hebron & 121 good sushi and great Japanese food.
    Sushi Robata – Again good sushi and grilled chicken hearts, octopus balls … can’t go wrong.
    Tei Tei – A bit out of my way so again not to often.
    Miyoshi – Plano for general “maki” ….. again on my way home very consistent and great prices.

    I always find sushi sake to busy, not to say I think the sushi is bad, but just not worth the hassle.

  • Sander

    I’m a longtime fan of Rock n Roll Sushi near NW Hwy & the Tollway. Tei An also has great sushi, but I wouldn’t call it a sushi restaurant.

  • Kessler Porker

    One more here for Zen Sushi in Bishop Arts District. But I will visit this Sushi Sake you speak of and allow my brain to quantify the betterness of it all.