Memory Lane: What Was the Name of That Restaurant?

Mission Accomplished: The lowest Greenville Ave. place was Clouseau.,

Anybody remember the name of the small French bistro on Lowest Greenville (at Prospect) that was open for a few years in the early ’80s? I believe it was run by Tom (Stoneleigh P) Garrison’s then wife.


  • Anne

    Was it something like Callaud’s, or was that on another street?

  • joeat

    Callaud’s was in the Quadrangle and later on Fairmont and then finally on McKinney next to the rock and role venue (can’t think of the name!).

  • Not Calluaud’s. I will never forget Calluaud’s. Oh, my.

  • AC
  • AC

    there was a Watels on Greenville near Oram – not the recent incarnation but when Damian Watel was in town

  • Joe
  • Andrew Chalk


  • B

    Callauds was on Mc Kinney

  • AC

    I somehow thought Garrison’s then wife started Nero’s?

  • Way to go Andrew. Yes it was La Marmiton at 1920 Greenville. AC, you had me nervous at Brazo’s cuz I wrote that piece! But she wasn’t married to Tom Garrison. At least…hell, I can’t swear to that. Seems like everyone in Dallas was married to Tom Garrison at some point. Thanks to my friend Karen for supplying the answer as well.

  • Nope, I’m wrong. According to the dude who asked me the question in the first place, it was in fact Clouseau. My dude sez,”Thanks for opening the collective memory of SideDish denizens. The lower Greenville place was Clouseau, in the corner building (photo above). She also operated the bar next door, and yes, she was the then-wife of Tom Garrison.”
    He sent a photo which I have posted at the top.

  • ChuckW

    The original Calluad was on lower McKinney formerly where the Hard Rock was. Guy Callaud opened Chez Gerard (Gerard was the original chef) in the 4400 block of McKinney. Pascal Cayet (Lavandou) ran it & later bought it. The last location of a Calluad restaurant was next to where Chuy’ presently on McKinney called Brassiere Callaud.

  • Twinwillow

    Don’t forget, Guy and his wife ran a restaurant on Lovers Lane years ago where Campisis’s is now. I remember when Guy opened his first restaurant in Dallas in the Quadrangel back in the early seventies. We used to go there for lunch to enjoy his amazing omelets. His restaurant on McKinney was not exactly where the Hard Rock was. It was a bit further north of the HRC.

  • Bobby Ewing

    I just enjoyed reading the reviews from 1985 via Nancy’s link in her comment.
    I was 16 years old and trying out restaurants in Big D on my own for the first time (arriving in 1978 Camaro with The Smiths blaring on the Pioneer tape deck). Loved this line, Nancy: “The new maitre d’ makes the French Room even grander (no more display dishes wrapped in plastic wrap!).”

  • David

    And right up the road was DiPalma’s, with their legendary dessert display as you walked in. Good times.

  • Russell

    Prospect Grille.

  • JKR

    Yah but where was the III Vikings?

  • WD

    Wasnt callauds on the east side of the street? HRC was on west of course. Also, don’t I remember that was where the armed robbers heisted everyone’s jewelry at gunpoint one night?

    What I can’t ever seem to remember is which rest was at Fairmont @ TC/CS in the old shell station on that triangle of land where there’s a bank or something now. It was painted blue but still clearly an old Shell.