The New Boundary of Chardonnay Growing – Dallas County

One of the two vineyards that provided the fruit for the 2010 Inwood Estates Chardonnay, Dallas County

Nancy Nichols showcased  local food items as holiday presents.  I’m here to recommend some local wine that is not just made in town, it is grown here. I’m delighted to announce that a successful Dallas County Chardonnay growing has just emerged. The 2010 Inwood Estates Chardonnay, Dallas County is grown in the vineyards on Inwood Road and on Bear Creek Rd.  Winemaker Dan Gatlin says in a press release:

“The historical significance of this release is obvious.  This may be one of the most unique and surprising accomplishments of the wine and food community in the Dallas area ever.  It is a watershed event for many reasons. As one of America’s large cities, it represents an achievement in urban wine-growing and urban farmingIt gives new meaning to the idea of “locally grown” with a type of crop never thought possible. It is a symbol of civic pride and something uniquely meaningful to our residents”

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There will be only 83 cases produced from the 2010 vintage.  Inwood suggests that this wine will be best for tasting beginning in the Spring-Summer of 2012 and thereafter for several years.

Gatlin described the style thus “Our 2010 Chardonnay is a distinctly mineral version which accurately reflects the high calcium soils of Dallas County.  This wine was given extended aging prior to bottling which added roundness to the finish and softened the angular minerality.  Although the wine was not given secondary Malo-Lactic fermentation, there is a tiny amount of butter in the nose with vanilla from the French Oak.  In summary, it is a New World style Chardonnay with a crisp mineral finish from the Texas terroir.”

My own tasting notes are from last March. Since then, the wine has undoubtedly changed. I second Gatlin’s comments, but would add that the varietal character comes through loud and clear. This is no zip code wine masquerading as Chardonnay. It also has good body and fruit-acid balance. And it really is, as he says, something of a landmark. I will be serving it blind to my wino friends and asking them where it came from (ever seen a Californian with a red face?).

The wine is available this weekend at the winery for $39.50. Hurry, an early sellout is assured.

Inwood Estates Vineyards

1350 Manufacturing Street, #209
Dallas, TX  75207
12-5 Saturday
1-5 Sunday
(214)  902-9452