Restaurant Review: Four Sisters Cafe in Richardson

Dragon roll; interior. (photos by Kevin Marple)

This opulent cafe, opened in early summer by Dale Wamstad (Del Frisco’s), proposed to add an all-American dining option to a much-neglected corner of Richardson. What arrived instead feels both overconceived and underwhelming: a two-story design hodgepodge of hot-air-balloon-shaped chandeliers, looming artwork, vinyl tablecloths, and hundreds of red-and-green LED lights that swoop, discotheque style, across diners’ faces. Likewise, the menu consists of a blind-man’s mix of appetizers (flatbreads, sushi, onion rings, and grilled quail’s nest—grilled quail served on a bed of crushed potato chips), followed by an equally chaotic mix of entrées. We were so surprised that any establishment would feature chopped beefsteak with grilled onions (and charge $14.50 for it) that we had to order it. The entrée arrived unironically, a disc of ground beef held together by grease and fear—a sad homage to the Greek diners of the 1970s.



  • Holy cow! That experience sounds awful. The server using a finger & licking thing is enough for me to simply pass on this establishment.

  • Gizzard

    That corner of Richardson is neglected for a reason. I can’t believe he opened out there in the first place.

  • CollinBabs

    Drive by there frequently, had thought about trying it. Won’t do so now!!!! Predict it will go dark within a year (if not months). The only thing propping it up is Dale Wamstad but that can’t go on forever.

  • Stepanie

    We ate there and had an equally bad experience. I paid over $20 for so-so salmon and a few potato wedges. The only thing that was not underwhelming was the bread and butter. Two slices of bread and a huge pat of butter. So we ask for more bread and the waiter tells us he will get yelled at if he brings us more bread. Ummm, what?

  • irodguy

    That are of Richardson does actually have at least one good poboy restaurant with PureNewOrleans.

    That being said I cannot believe Four Sisters still has their lights on.

  • Jeanie

    Went last week. That horrible person we watched roaming the restaurant and snapping at people must have been Mr Wamstad. Not the customers but his staff. Food was so meh. Weird place and very gaudy.

  • Robie

    Why can’t the entire article be on this page? Why do I have to click yet again to a third page to read the rest? Are you trying to trick me into seeing more ads? Yeah, I thought you were. You’re not foolin’ me.