Oak Cliff Restaurateurs Keep Secrets About New Restaurants

So, I’m avoiding real work and searching for the scoop on Sissy’s Fried Chicken on Henderson. We all know the general rules of posting CO permits:  The name on the permit in the former Hector on Henderson spot could be the real name of a home cooking or “place holder” for a gay bar. We won’t know until somebody either calls me back or I get lucky on the internet. Owners change names all the time after they’ve applied for a permit.

Anywhoo, I’m digging away and get off task. Oh, look! I find a permit pulled for a restaurant at 624 642 W. Davis. I’m not telling you the name of the LLC because Teresa Gubbins will be all over it like hot on fried bubblegum. I contacted several HIGH PROFILE restaurant people in The OC for info. Oh yes, they all know who and what it is, but none of them are talking. Okay, guys. I’ll remember that the next time you send me a press release about your new bartender or your fall brunch menu. Hah! Two can play this game. Grrr.


  • BoHan

    That’s Bolsa Mercado but it’s not much of a secret.

  • BoHan, Mercado is 623! I found out what it is but now I CAN”T SAY ANYTHING!!

  • Liebevin

    Bolsa is 614 W Davis…Mercado is 634 per TABC..


    Trade Name: BOLSA MARKET

    Location Address: 634 W DAVIS STREET

    DALLAS , TX 75208-4744

    Mailing Address: 614 W DAVIS ST

    DALLAS , TX 75208-4744

    County: Dallas Orig. Issue Date:
    Status: Applicant Exp. Date:
    Wine Percent:
    Location Phone No.: Gun Sign: BLUE

  • Yes, 634 W. Davis is Mercado. thanks.

  • Liebevin

    Hmmm….624 squeezed between Bolsa and Mercado..

  • Jeannie

    Gay bar! Funny!

  • Rob

    I’m guessing you’ve got your numbers transposed… you are thinking of the old ConFusion space located at 642 W Davis. The only thing between the Mercado and Bolsa is a tiny little auto repair shop that could never possibly be a restaurant.

    The ConFusion space has a permit in the window… and the mystery continues!

  • Spoiler Alert

    “Consuela’s Fried Churros” will be movin’ on in.

  • AskTheMexican

    …. spill the beans!

  • Pedro from the OC

    Who knew you were vindictive, Nancy? (cough) The reason we will not tell you is because you are not one of us. You are one of them from El Norte Dallas.

  • Pedro, ouch. However, I did live in Kessler Park from 1979 to 1983! I was a pioneer in OC. I am grandfathered in. And I played golf at Stephens Park at least three times a week!AND my aunt and uncle lived on Lausanne in the 60s and I used to travel by horse drawn carriage down the old Inwood Avenue trail to get there.

  • Scott–DFW

    If you’re right, Spoiler Alert, I’ll buy you a beer (or hot chocolate to go with the churros).

  • LJT

    OC is woefully lacking in Asian cuisine (aside from Zen Sushi – which of course rocks). How about First Chinese BBQ??? I would jump for joy!

  • Jeannie

    I’m with Scott!! Delicious idea.

  • BoHan

    Bolsa is 618. Then there’s the ducks’ yard. Then there’s La Mecanica Carretera at 626. Then there’s Bolsa Mercado at 634, as your commenter already expertly noted. So 624 has to be the ducks’ yard. There’s nothing else. Could be a fun beer garden! Traigan Maiz! Estos patos sólo hablan español. Also, 634 is Bolsa Mercado, as someone pointed out. It’s all on Google Street View.

  • Liebevin

    BoHan…not that it really means anything, but since you asked…

    License #: RM777407

    Trade Name: BOLSA

    Location Address: 614 W DAVIS STREET SUITE 100

    DALLAS , TX 752084744

    Mailing Address: 614 W DAVIS ST STE 100

    DALLAS , TX 752084744

    County: Dallas Orig. Issue Date: 6/17/2011
    Status: Current Exp. Date: 6/16/2013
    Wine Percent:
    Location Phone No.: 2143434141 Gun Sign: BLUE

    Subordinates: FB,LB

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