McDonald’s Brings Back the McRib?

McRib? Wie viel würze passt in einen burger!

Huh? Hasn’t this icky boneless mystery meat sandwich already had more comebacks than Donny and Marie? According to this, they’re rolling out the old queen on November 14. One interesting note in the story is that Germany is the only place where it’s always been available. WTF? Germany? McRib? Do you people eat this stuff? Food snobs speak up!


  • Chris

    So… no research at all is required? It’s already out. Read your own link. It’s out THROUGH November 14th. Try to be a little bit of a pro.

  • Mandy

    Had one yesterday, and it was delicious. As always.

  • Twinwillow

    Ugh! Just thought of how they’re probably made makes me queazy.

  • What would be the point of calling garbage, garbage? It’s just repackaged spam, with more sugar and salt.

    Just the thing you’d expect from a corporation that puts more salt in it’s large chocolate shakes, than in it’s medium order of french fries.

    Per McDonalds website, a single McRib gives you 41% of your daily max of sodium, 48% of max saturated fat, and 23% of max cholesterol.

  • I’ve never even been in the same room with one.

  • Robie

    It’s good enough to have one per year.

  • mark

    They are made from the scraps that don’t quilify for bologna and wieners. That’s why they are avaible for such a short period of time. Not enough product.

  • Mystery pink meat? Yum, it looks lovely!