Michael Costa, Owner of The Office Grill in Dallas, Arrested

Michael Costa's mug shot. September 7, 2011.

I have been chronicling the career of Michael Costa for a couple of years. Costa has been a restaurant consultant in Dallas since the early ‘90s. In spring of 2009, I wrote several posts about his misbehavior and his penchant for writing hot checks at Las Colinas Prime . In October of 2010, I reported that Costa had resurfaced as a principal partner at The Office Grill. Soon after The Office opened, I received phone calls and emails from disgruntled workers who claimed Costa was writing bad checks and not paying vendors. I spoke with Costa and wrote a story his shady operations in the May issue of D Magazine.

This morning, I learned Costa was arrested last night for an outstanding warrant. So far, the only details I have received from James Yarbrough at the Dallas County Sheriff’s office are that Costa was picked up last night for “a bond forfeiture for theft of $1,500<20k.” According to another source, Costa spent the night at Decker Detention Center in jail and was released this morning. I am waiting for the full police report.


  • john deputy

    Your other source is wrong. Decker has been closed for over a year. he could not have spent the night there. unless it was in the dumpster.

  • frank

    early 90’s, wouldnt that chronicle 20+ years? Lose the venom, Nancy…….move on…..I don’t know that your past in anything to be proud of…………..

  • frank

    plus you probably just gave him more meat in suing the magazine……

  • B

    I just had a thought maybe Costa can go work for Tesar flipping burgers and they can hire Avner as a life coach.
    Frank you are a tool or should I say Brian.

  • Eater


    Now that would be interesting/funny.
    Wonder who would be the last standing.

  • B diddy

    I hardly think he could be ‘suing the magazine’. What a slimer! I’m glad it’s being reported. People that cheat other people deserve to be called out on it!

  • logan

    And he’s going to sue for what exactly?

  • sorry, i accidentally deleted two comments. apologies. However one was deleted on purpose. If you have facts and hurl insults, use your real name.

  • Yes he did

    I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end of Michael Costa. The Office Grill still continues to make excuses to employees about being paid. Checks bounce, or they are just given a few days laster. Then they still are likely to bounce. They offer the “hard up” employees a little cash to get them through. That owners/management are a joke. The Chef is a bad as. He puts out amazing food. It’s too bad that the owners/managers are f’ing it up for the kitchen staff. They work hard and create great food. It’s too bad Michaels’s reputation and bad deeds are going to take The office Grill down in flames.

  • Steve-o

    Nancy, what businesses have you owned or run? And what about his 20 years of being chronicled, get a life…. The restaurant business is better in this town because of guys like this with passion….go wait tables instead of ruining hard working ppls lives, maybe he could teach you something!

  • Steve-O, I operated a catering business, worked in restaurants, and waited tables for many years. I’m sure Michael Costa could teach me plenty of things. I’m just not sure I want to learn them.

  • Steve E

    Steve-o, if having passion means not paying your employees or vendors in addition to writing hot checks and running from the police then this creep (Mikey Costa) is King of Passion!

  • frank

    nancy, I guess the answer to steve-o’s question is no…enough said.

  • Nancy, did not know how else to contact you. Please check out this new Italian restaurant that opened up in far north Dallas.

  • William

    personal experience with this guy tells me that there is plenty to chronicle. new year, new restaurant, same story!

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