Week Two: KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

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  • Twinwillow

    Twelve of us treated royally Wednesday evening at Nick & Sam’s. Best $35.00 meal (plus wine) ever!

  • ZXC


  • amateur

    Nick and Sam’s on Thursday night. Outstanding meal (filet and salmon) and outstanding service by Flint. This is a GREAT steakhouse. Also a fun bar scene on Thursday night. Great people watching.
    Al Biernat’s last night. They don’t even have a steak on the RW menu! For $10 extra you can get a filet. The service was extremely slow all evening. I had salmon, my husband had prime rib which were both good. Salads and desserts uninspiring. Their wine guy, Todd, is great. Turns out if you talk to Todd, he is always running specials on specific bottles of wine. He’s informative and friendly. The only good service we had last night.

  • Big John

    6 of us went to Pappas Steak House on Saturday. We had a 7:30 res. My wife and I arrived a little early to enjoy some time at the bar before our friends arrived. As expected, Pappa,s was in full swing and very busy. We nestled into a wall table in the bar and Sarina our cocktail server quickly greeted us, returned with our drinks and we were off to a great start! We were seated around 7:50 and for as busy as they were and it being restaurant week, I felt the 20 or so minutes past our reservation time was completely expected and did not bother us in the least. In fact we enjoyed the conversation together and never once noticed the slight delay. The next two hours were nothing less than a perfectly executed dining experience. The portions and selections for restaurant far surpassed any other restaurant offerings we had tried before. We had visited at least 10 other restaurants in the past. The Prime filet was 8 oz with great sides and a perfect med rare, as well as a steak house portion of salmon. We were never short of warm bread, filled water glasses and non-intrusive table maintenance. The extra first course was Lobster chunk filled lobster bisque. Salads were crisp and normal size. Desserts were all large enough to split and several to choose. It was a real pleasure to find the absence of the restaurant week mentality of small and limited portions that unfortunatly has become synonomous with RW. Yes we went to Al.Bernaits(sp) Steak House, and besides being quite crazy busy, they too serve a scrimp and cut R.W. menu. Not great! I’m sure the servers and higher ups realize there is a smaller profit margin and lot’s of never to be seen again customers during R.W. at these big food joints, but after my experience last night at PB’s, I will think of them first for our next night out. Our server was a tall short haired pretty blonde, sorry I don’t remember her name, who made us feel as though we were were big shots. She timed the courses to perfection. The manager made a couple of perfectly timed table visits and we all left with to-go bags in hand and with a shared feeling that Pappa’s Steak House really deserves the top spot, grand prize, and over-all well deserved best Steak House recognition in Dallas.