• apropos of nothing, I recently had this text message exchange:

  • Emily

    Party of 7 at Nosh last night… Service was abysmal.

    Cocktails arrived without incident.

    First course came, one of our party forgotten.

    Second course came, SAME individual forgotten. We were told by our sever that the manager was informed.

    Third course came, TWO of our party were forgotten.

    In each instance, the correction took long enough as if it wasn’t just left in the kitchen, but actually wasn’t SUBMITTED to the kitchen. Which was confounding since at the beginning they instructed those of us choosing from the Restaurant Week menu to place our entire order at once so they could just “flip the dishes out”. Presumably plenty of these dishes were available?

    The finale was when the check came. We divided it (I know, not great form, but had to be done and we did it as clearly and gracefully as possible). Three of the checks came out correctly as requested, mine came out with the entire full-party amount charged. I handed it back and gave him the correct figure. He brought it back, with another figure. Handed it back, again requesting the correct figure. The tab came back with the correct figure, I was assured the original amount was NOT. CHARGED. to my card.

    Lo and behold, there’s a full pending charge for dinner for 7, and NO charge for the correct amount. And that will likely hold those hundreds of dollars for days since it’s the weekend.

    It should be said, the food was delicious, portions were perfect, cocktails and wine were great. Our server also was gracious through the whole thing, and seemed confused himself at least about the arrival of the dishes.