Rush Hour Respite: Happy Accident at B.B. Bop Rice Bowl in Dallas

Old School Bowl at b.b.bop rice bowls. Imagine it topped with a fried egg. (photo courtesy of b.b.bop)

Like many of you, I was imprisoned on 75 southbound on Wednesday somewhere between 365 and Woodall Rogers. I was actually on my way to check out a new restaurant when, after 30 minutes in traffic, I realized I wasn’t going anywhere. As I sat on the Lovers Lane exit ramp, waiting for the light to cycle and let two more cars through, I looked to my left. The signage for the newest location of  b.b.bop rice bowls caught my eye. “Forget this,” I said to my date, and took a sharp turn to the left.

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While I crave bi bim bap on a regular basis, I hadn’t made it in to this new location (the other is in Carrollton) yet—primarily because the location is hard to get to and not especially easy to see from the road. (The new Pho is for Lovers, which I ended up in under similar circumstances last week, just opened in the adjacent strip mall.)

The luck of my happening to stop in when I did: the kitchen had decided to start offering the traditional fried egg topper on their bowls (up to this point, they’ve been serving an omelet-style egg topper). While I realize this change isn’t groundbreaking, it’s important to note because some bbb lovers may have been avoiding the place because of the absence of that essential element.

As flavor insurance, we opted for a variety of sauces from traditional Korean hot sauce to a creamy nut sauce. The meat on the bowls—which by the way, for only $8, provided enough food for dinner last night and lunch today—on our old school and spicy pork bowls (beef and pork respectively) was tender, sweet, and spicy. Veggies crunched, vinegary marinades shone through, and the rice was perfectly glutinous.

Even better, carry-out containers in hand, we were able to get back in the car and head back home–the opposite direction on 75–with no traffic whatsoever.