The Widowmaker Happy Hour: Beer & Bacon at Mextopia.

If you haven’t heard yet, Richard Avila’s Mextopia on Lower Greenville is starting a new Beer & Bacon Happy Hour on Thursdays and Saturdays from 4 to 8 pm. That’s right, not dry old popcorn, not dusty peanuts—glistening strips of bacon. I’m picturing communal plates on the bar, but for all I know they could be handing out newspaper-wrapped bacon bundles (a la fish & chips) or bacon woven onto kabobs, or perhaps even bacon-filled waffle cones.

Now, I loves the bacon, and I have no doubt that the $2 Tecate and Firemans No. 4 will pair well with the salt and grease. But for god’s sake, man, think about the quantities, the gluttony, the greasy fingers (visual proof of when you have one too many and start to play [email protected]* with that cute guy from sales).

I’m thinking that Avila’s self-proclaimed “fun, festive, family” vibe is about to see some seriously questionable pork-themed behavior. There’s only one way to find out.