The Secret Secret In-N-Out Burger Menu

We’ve gave you the rundown already on In-N-Out Burger’s secret menu. Now some helpful bloggers from Los Angeles are cluing us in to the secret secret menu:

The Monet – An inverted paper employee hat filled with 32 oz. of burger dressing, topped with pickles floated on the surface.

√(4 x 4)/4 – Hamburger.

Vegan Style – 4 leafs of lettuce between 2 leafs of lettuce.

John 3:16 style fries – Fries, no salt.

Mt. Rushmore – 4 fresh whole potatoes, peeled and hand carved to the likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, deep-fried to golden brown perfection.

Deluxe Flying Dutchman – Kobe beef culotte steak, seved with jalapeno marmalade, with roasted tomato and morel mushroom flan on the side.

They’ve also got some called “the Billy,” and “the Cold Karl,” that I prefer not to repost. I know we’re well past the point of over-saturation in In-N-Out content, but I still feel like I could read these “secret” items for hours.  If you’re not a fan of  John 3:16 style fries, I suggest you go for the Genesis 19:26 style fries (extra, extra salt).

But really, if you’ve not heard of the items that Zac Crain discovered on the menu, you’re missing out.