Pho Colonial in North Dallas Combines Health and Heat

This week I attended a media lunch at Pho Colonial Authentic Vietnamese Diner on Frankford Rd. in Far North Dallas, and while I’m generally not a fan of fast food, and while Pho may at first look like it belongs under that banner, what owner/creator Khanh Dao has created here has very little to do with the fast food milieu. Think handcrafted pork and shrimp dumplings for $3.50, two large fresh spring rolls for only $3, or Bun (grilled meat over rice vermicelli) for between $6.75 -$9.50. Bonus: the rice noodles that Pho uses throughout the dishes are naturally gluten free, which means you can enjoy a protein-rich feeling of fullness without the bloat.

Dao, a Dallas restaurant veteran and sassy addition to the North Dallas casual dining scene, has chosen to go with the second-nature dishes of her youth. Her signature Pho—so rich and customizable—requires that the eater wield both chopsticks and spoon and packs a low calorie count thanks to grilled meats and clear broth. The combination is as good for an afternoon shopping stop (especially when you’re needing a pit stop after Ikea) as it is for curing a cold. My leftover pho tai chin (thinly shaved beef & brisket in broth with bean sprouts and fresh rice noodles) knocked my hubby’s head cold out of the park by morning.

Best news of all, both locations (Frankford Rd. and the soon-to-open downtown location in the Wilson building) deliver (keep an eye out for their pink mopeds). So you can settle in with some shaken beef or banh mi at home tonight and have enough left over for lunch tomorrow.


  • Angie

    OMG ~ ~ This Vietnamese cuisine is incredible! I love Vietnamese and this is the BEST I’ve had in Dallas ~ Fresh and sooooooooooo healthy. My husband absolutely loved it . . . We left very full but not stuffed !! We are definitely making Pho Colonial a major lunch and dinner stop from now on !!

  • les

    pho colonial is the best resturant in town i am there all the time the food is amazing and i can really keep my costs down . the staff are so friendly and kind to everyone i love this restaurant and will be going there for years to come and to make it even better they are opening one by neimans downtown i am so excited!!!!

  • S Obrian

    I am a great follower of great restaurant and Pho, and I have come accross “Mrs” Bill William Carroll comments on several blogs; and what it seems to me is that Mss. Dao have found helself a stalker. It sounds to me that “Mrs” piggy Carroll is a mad, mad mad pig with a motive. Well I hope you have credible info on this kind of accusation. I would not want to be on your shoes if this was to hit the courts. good luck to you. On a different note, I have been to the restaurant and the food is great.

  • Cecilia

    This is a great place. Food is excellent.

  • Loved my lunch, and I’m excited about the downtown opening. Will definitely be added to my lunch spot rotation!

  • Bill Carroll

    She stole money from me & others in her last venture. You have it all wrong. SHE IS A CON!

  • Bill Carroll

    got lots of evidence……affadavits, stmts,bank recs,texts, emails. Under fed review! keep following. the truth will come out!

    @S Obrian

  • Twinwillow

    Although the food we ate was quite good, it’s still a far cry from the best Vietnamese restaurants in Garland.
    We went last night and were disappointed to find out their actual menu in the restaurant is but a fraction of the size as advertised on their website. And, they are not very accommodating in making any changes. They became visibly annoyed when I asked to substitute something else instead of tripe in a pho dish. And this with the menu stating, “doing it your way” including listed substitutions. The rolls were good but not at all different from those found at the better grocery market “sushi” counters. The best item was a lime marinated sliced raw tenderloin with fried shallots and peanuts.
    I’d go back just for that. And, the pho broth was delicious! There are no servers. You step up to the counter, order, pay, and go find a table. They give you a number and bring your meal to your table.
    The ambience was comfortable enough to keep me happy. I’d probably go back but, with Lemongrass so much closer to me in Deep Ellum, If I were to go somewhere, for my Vietnamese “fix” it would most likely be (my favorite) Bistro B in Garland.
    However, I’d certainly recommend Pho Colonial if I lived in or around their neighborhood.