New Foodie Website: Crave by Steven Doyle

According to Teresa “Dallas Dudette” Gubbins, Steven Doyle,the man formerly known as Dallas Dude,  has launched a new foodie website. Crave is a “life-sized Etch-A-Sketch that we’ll shake up for you on occasion.” Doyle has a big staff of reporters and vows to cover “food and cocktails we will also explore the art scene which we view as totally under-served in DFW.” Congrats to Doyle, he’s one hard working dude.


  • Looks great! Good job as always, Steven!!!

  • I’m really proud to be one of the first contributors. I love that the focus is food drink AND ART. Its hard for me to separate them…food is art for stomach and art is food for the mind.

    Is there a better night than a good dinner, a stiff drink and a great concert?

  • Andrew Chalk

    jonfromtjs: + good sex

  • threesheets

    hmm. wonder where he got that name.

  • slade

    he should know where to go, because hes always there everywhere a day early!! go Steven!

  • Twinwillow

    Congratulations, ‘Dude.