Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Quiet, Intimate Restaurant on Saturday Night

Tall order from a short reader:

I’ve been traveling for work quite a bit lately, and I want to take my wife to dinner on Saturday night.  I’d like for it to be nice, but more importantly it needs to be intimate.  We need to be able to have a quiet conversation and enjoy each other’s company.  Any suggestions?


  • DesignBoy

    Ask for one of the booths at Craft. Great food and you’ll be able to hear each other talk without others eavesdropping.

  • Fairparkie

    Might I suggest Salum? It’s where my husband takes me for special occasions.

  • Gipson

    If price isn’t an issue, Bijoux at Lovers and Inwood is tremendously good and very quiet, especially in the earlier evening. Select the tasting menu, and your meal will come with something like nine talking points built in.

  • Scott Cantrell

    Salum is NOT intimate OR quiet. As with too many restaurants these days, nothing but hard surfaces, so sound just bangs around and, as they drink more, people talk more and more loudly. A quiet restaurant in Dallas is increasingly hard to find.

  • Zach B

    Lemongrass in Deep Ellum. Great Vietnamese and very quiet.

  • Bmk


  • R.S.

    The Grape (on Greenville Ave.) You will not be sorry.

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  • Rob

    Suze at Northwest Highway/Midway

  • Kat

    I would suggest Local in Deep Ellum or I’m with R.S., the Grape. My husband have had wonderful experiences recently at each. Both small, intimate, and exceptional food for price.

  • acrow

    Danielle Osteria

  • The Grape or Cafe Urbano

  • runDMC

    “Jessica” – Cafe Urbano is NOT quiet in the least. Good food but it is excruciatingly loud. Deafening in fact, as is Salum. Both Urbano and Salum are at the “Al Biernat’s” level (supersonic). I recommend Bijoux, Nana, Pyramid Room and Cafe Eden for truly quiet. Local is semi-quiet as is The Grape. When in doubt get outdoor seating.

  • Stacy L.

    While The Grape is “intimate”, it’s also quite crowded on Saturday nights. On our last visit we were able to almost participate in conversations at 4 nearby tables. I have to assume they were also privy to our quiet conversation.

    I’m anxious to hear more recommendations. We’ve been looking for someplace quiet and intimate for five years.

  • TLS


  • ldascha

    The French Room! No other place in Dallas compares for what you are looking for. In fact, my wife and I are going Wednesday for our Anniversary celebration.

  • ldascha

    Hotel St. Germain would be the next best place for quiet and intimate and romantic. We were just there for New Year’s Eve.

  • Loud & Proud 972-er

    There are a lot of good restaurants in Frisco. Cheesecake Factory, for starters.

  • Beda

    I would second both French Room and Hotel St. Germain, and then make the evening extra special by spending the night too.

  • Carpe Diem

    Tei An

  • Karol

    Citrus Cafe in SW corner of Preston Royal…great French and YEA! BYOB with a reasonable corkage.

  • Wes Mantooth

    Canary by Gorji FTW.

  • feisty foodie

    Grace, fort worth. Fabulous food, great quiet setting.

  • DGirl

    The Mansion Restaurant and request the Library. It’s perfect for you.

  • Tr

    room service at the mansion

  • allison
  • runDMC

    Citrus is also good food but NOT QUIET.

  • Bob Crowder

    Addison Cafe northeast corner Montfort and Beltline. Small french cafe that is quiet and very dependable. Great salads, wonderful beef tenderloin and fabulous desserts including Cappucino Pie.

  • Antonio

    I would also cast a second vote for Local. It’s intimate, romantic, and the food is always delicious.

  • LJT

    So far I gotta go with Tr’s suggestion! Can’t get much quieter and intimate than that!

  • PJT


  • Nanette

    I second Bijoux. Smaller restaurant with a nice atmosphere, wonder food and service.

  • Eat Now

    Salum is both intimate and quiet – it’s the diners that can get loud. Why don’t we place blame where it belongs? I have been to Salum probably 20 or 30 times (great chef and restaurant) with the dining room completely full, even this past New Years Eve…some days it’s quiet and some it’s not…but it isn’t the restaurants fault.

  • Let’s be honest

    Arthur’s in Addison – get a booth