Nature Report: Local Birds Need Fresh Water Today

My yellow-throated warbler, Spike, needs your help.

If your birdbath is frozen, please de-ice it and fill with fresh water. Repeat as it freezes. Your backyard birds will thank you.


  • FortWorthGuy

    The birdseed that I put out this morning is going fast….did not take long for it to be discovered. Will go put out some water too. Thanks for the tip.

  • Nice suggestion. We have a non-frozen water source, thank goodness. Of course, now my husband is out there putting out more seed because I mentioned it. Cold day for the birdies!

  • Jef

    Thanks for the reminder Nancy. I went out and broke the ice on the fountain while my SigO looked at me like a mad man wearing a hoodie, crocks and using my broom handle smashing stick (he even took sneaky video). Went to refill the birdseed only to realize I was out. Sorry fine feathered friends. I’ll plan ahead next time.

  • If you have peanut butter, slather some on the trunks of your trees.

  • Jeannie

    Yea a Uncle Nacy bird post!! I miss them. Is that really your bird?

  • RidemCowgirl

    Is that a worm in his mouth or a tongue? Cool picture.