• DFWFoodie

    Went to Central 214 (for the first time!) on Wednesday with a girlfriend and was so pleasantly surprised! It was delicious – I think this resto is very underrated. We both were starving, so we each opted for the 3-course tasting – $30 for any soup or salad, any entree and a dessert of your choice. It was an unbelievable deal and everything was wonderful! I highly suggest you try this place if you haven’t already.

  • underglass

    Komali – didn’t notice the noise issue – service was tragic.

    La Fiorentina – 50/50

  • unclekrud

    Spent a few hours at Cane Rosso last Saturday. Started with the burrata. Very nice with the bitter greens but could have done without the broccolini. Had the Luana pie with Jimmy’s sausage, sopressata, and mushrooms. So fresh and delicious. Talked with Jay then Shawn for a while. Jay also had the very Italian Dino in the house do do some training. He does his own Neopolitan thing in the DC area and has an oven from the same manufacturer as Cane Rosso. The entire staff was brimming with excitement. I expect it to be even better next time when they have the CO2 system working.

  • Pedro527

    Dinner last Saturday at Veracruz Café, Bishop location…it was very crowded, so I will forgive the appetizer and main course arriving at the same time…Roberto’s desert soup was interesting and very good – lots of nopales, my favorite unsung vegetable…adobo de puerco wonderfully tender, with a spicy and very flavorful tomato, ancho and chile sauce…the accompanying limp fried potatoes were unnecessary…but the service was good and the prices great for the quality…

  • slade

    Cane Rosso last night, it was great, and glad it is within walking distance of home 🙂

  • FW Girl

    Cane Rosso…BEST PIZZA EVER!!!!

  • Karen

    I did a cooking class at margaux’s in dallas. It was intimate and fun and great food. The owner is amazing and I can’t wait to go back…. breadpudding was to die for!

  • Pickles

    Ristorante Nicola was delightful. Generous portions, fantastic house made pasta, perfect risotto. Service was spot on. Will definitely go back.

    Zanders House on 75 in Plano. My chicken sate was way too oily for my taste and there was not enough heat in the sate or the curry ordered by my companion. Service was good and the limeaid was refreshing.

    Zanata for dinner was just okay. Ordered the Standard pizza which had a soggy crust. Flavors were good but the execution was poor. Chocolate Ganache cake with canonli filing was stella and the best part of the meal.

  • Brad

    The vegan salted caramel ice cream at Spiral Diner changed my life for the better…

  • Tr

    The amazingly good shrimp cocktail on the bar menu at Sevy’s was better than what i had at the much heralded Cafe de Turin in Nice. Closer to home too.

    Also tried Urbano Cafe and I think I like it, but I’ll have to go back to make sure.

  • ldascha

    The French Room celebrating our anniversary.Chefs tasting menu and a bottle of Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee. The food preparation and presentation was outstanding, the five courses include a quail appetizer, black cod, we added a foie gras, and a nice dessert. Love the atmosphere, highly recommend for a special occasion.

  • Twinwillow

    Today (Saturday) for lunch at Il Cane Rosso.
    Not only the very best pizza in Dallas, It’s got to be the best pizza this side of New Haven, Connecticut!

    And, the salads (especially the Misto) and pasta’s are terrific, too! All with very welcoming and helpful service.

  • Gipson

    Really good dinner at Sutra on Thursday. Two apps, entrees and desserts, and not a miss in the bunch. Surprisingly, it was the cauliflower appetizer which stole the show. The florets are cooked, glazed even, in a delicious, slightly sweet and spicy sauce. It was cooked perfectly, and the sauce gave enough heft that you’d almost never know it was just cauliflower. Meaty and delicious.

    Other good stuff: empanada appetizer (with a small nugget of foie!, but the fries were limp), striped bass, braised lamb and a panna cotta dessert.

    I’d heard less flattering things about the service going in, so I couldn’t help but laugh when our waitress arrived at the table and the VERY FIRST THING she did was accidentally spill water all over the table. Not actually a problem at all, just too funny given my expectations.

    She was the only server on the floor, so it did get a little slow as it got busy, but it was obvious that the Manager and Chef Vijay have taken the feedback to heart. They were all over it. The manager stopped by to apologize for the wait (honestly, we were surprised, as we hadn’t felt like we were “waiting” yet), and when it was clear that we had looked at the dessert menu long enough and were ready to order, Chef Vijay himself ran over to our table to take the order. Love that open kitchen, and it’s always a thrill to meet the chef.

    Really liked the food, and though the service from our actual server was a little distracted, the manager and chef turned that into a positive and made the evening seem more special. We’ll be back.

  • MHB

    Chef David Anthony Temple’s 7-course Sushi “Underground” Dinner at Exposition at Willow – in a word, divine and in another word, what fun.

  • KASA

    Komali, last night. No noise issue, service was good, amazing margaritas, and delicious dinner. Started with tamales, moved on to poblano soup, then a wonderful pork chop…with a delicious mole. Dessert was amazing…chocoflan!

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