Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Fried Chicken in Dallas

Remember Henderson’s Fried Chicken down on Hall (I think)? Not the one that operated on Gaston and not the small chain that is operating around town. It was a hole-in-the-wall that sold spicy fried chicken to go and they covered the chicken and french fries with jalapenos and white bread. Well, a loyal Disher with a head for real estate wants to know where he should go to find “something like the old, old Henderson’s.” Hell, I’m still looking for Youngblood’s. Anybody got any suggestions other than the obvious?


  • CapGuy

    Ah Henderson’s……
    French Fries, Chicken Breast, White Bread and a whole pickled jalepeno…..Layered in that order from bottom to top.
    By the time you got it home all the flavors had
    merged into the fries and the bread…….
    Sweet Memories……
    Youngbloods? How about Becks? In the location that housed Anteks on Lovers Lane. Was there during the 50’s.
    Great chicken, biscuits with butter and grape jelly……

  • Beda

    Chicken House (formerly Brother’s) on Gaston is my go-to for fried chicken.

  • Fried Yard Bird

    Rudy’s Chicken, Two locations, 3115 S. Lancaster Rd., 214-375-9234 and, 909 E. Davis St., Mesquite, 972-285-0803. I’ve tried the Oak Cliff location, but not the one in Mesquite. It’s the real deal. They’re open on Sundays, and the line of cars goes around the block. Take out only.

  • Fried Yard Bird

    Beda is spot on, Chicken House is great also.

  • FoodieT

    Central 214 at Hotel Palomar Dallas- MUST try Chef Blythe Beck’s spicy fried chicken & waffles with jalapeno glaze and warm maple syrup! Yum! –

  • k

    If you are willing to brave the line that often times stops traffic Rudy’s is a must.

  • Chuck

    I love Bubba’s for the chicken and the rolls.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher


  • Bill

    Sounds strange but the absolute best I’ve had is at Crustacean in Deep Elum. Chef Honore’, a Katrina New Orleans transplant, makes the best! Each order fried up when you order so be prepared to wait a bit. Soooo good!

  • DesignBoy

    Bubba’s fo sho. And the rolls and honey too.

  • Suspicious

    FoodieT, why do I feel like you work for the palomar or the restaurant?