D Magazine Announces New FREE iPhone App: D Recommends

Happy Monday, Dishers. We’ve got a free gift for you. Now you can find all of our dining, events, and nightlife listings under one umbrella—our new D Recommends iPhone app. (It’s so easy I can do it!) Once you’ve downloaded the app here, the searches are simple. You can find a specific restaurants and those nearby. Search for steaks and you’ll find them all. Need a cheap meal? Search the coupon data base. So there you have it. Download. Search. Report. Love to have your feedback.


  • Patty

    Finally! So excited, downloading now!

  • ann

    downloaded it last night but, it wont start! it stays on the main splash-page, loading forever…do i need to be in the area for it to work? i really want to use it!

  • What about us that have blackberries?

  • @ann: We’ve seen this happen for a very small percentage of users and our developer is working on a fix. Some have been able to fix the issue by letting the app stay open and sit at the loading screen for 20-30 minutes. (This only has to be done the first time.) Sorry for the trouble, and we’ll be sure to let you know when the fix is released. And yes, the app will work even if you’re not in the area.

  • ann

    Thanks Stephen!

  • gotta get this!