2010 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

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Update: Al Biernats, Hibiscus, Pyramid Room, Fearing’s, Nobu.


  • marisa

    I have been going to Restaurant Week since it first began. This was a very exciting first year fund raiser for a good cause. Over the years it has had peaks and valleys. This year started out not so good at Bijoux. Not only was the food not very good but the service was worse ( water glasses not filled, water poured into tea glasses). The chief kept wandering through the restaurant aimlessly but never talking to any guests. After this experience, I began to question if we should keep our other reservations for the week.

    We marched forward to Al Biernats. Al did not disappoint. The meal was wonderful, choices were much better than last year and service was delightful.

    Hibiscus was outstanding on all counts.

    Attention restaurants and owners…..if you do not want to be part of this event then DO NOT. You are damaging the Event and your restaurant by not being 100% committed.

  • Jeanne Prejean

    Will second that on Hibiscus. We were there with friends last night and the food (tenderloin, crab dip, roasted veggies, mac casserole, etc.) was outstanding and the service could not have been more accommodating without being intrusive.

    The place was jammed but we were treated like we were the only ones in the place.

    It was the first time for our friends, but it won’t be the last.

  • We had a wonderful dinner at the Pyramid Room. The corn ravioli with arugula and cilantro sauce were so delicious. Everything was very good, and we had souffles for dessert! With McPherson Sangiovese 2006. (I have photos but don’t know how to upload them!!)

  • m

    Marisa, what night were you at Bijoux? We went on Thursday and had the same experience.

    Fearings last night was fantastic as always. Dean Fearing thanked every single table for supporting Restaurant Week, the service was perfect, and the food was excellent.

  • frank wright

    Monday/Fearings – usual great service and experience. But the food felt like dean was catering a hotel luncheon with the boring salmon, braised beef and pork tenderloin followed by itty bitty dessert sampler. we called weeks ago and still were stuck with 6pm seating.
    Tuesday/Salum-great apps, loved the mussels. fantastic quality and flavors, but service wasn’t quite as sharp as non-rw.
    Saturday/Pappas Bros – this is one of our regular RW go-to spots. wife and daughter had 8oz filet with jumbo shrimp. I had 1.5 lb split lobster. IMO this is the best RW bargain. They don’t dumb it down like the others.

  • frank wright

    Re: my prior post
    we still enjoyed all 3 spots and i think this is a testament to the value of RW. Most of my finer dining is done on business occasions. My bride and I don’t eat out this much on our own. So, 3 nights out X 4 diners + bottle (or 2) of wine each time + generous tip = good marketing opportunity for the restaurants and money to a good cause. We encourage friends every year to try new spots.

  • @ Paula… I know, I know…

  • sushi

    Nobu was horrendous. The sushi was way too salty and they just used scraps to make the rest of the meals. Went on Wednesday night and they really dumbed down the quality to fit restaurant week. If they are not going to do it right, why even participate?

  • waiter

    I have been a server in a Dallas for many years. That means I have worked restaurant week for many years. I read the blogs during this time, mainly to see what press my restaurant is getting. Every year I think the same thing- I must have insider information that the diners don’t have. I watch my Chef struggle to come up with a $35 menu that won’t get crucified and will have at least a small profit margin. He usually succeeds with the former and fails with the latter. Then, I see my owner write a check for about $20,000. We are overrun with reservation requests and probably say yes to more people than we should, still turning many away. North Texas Food Bank makes most of their money for the holidays during this time,so I am very happy we participate. I am also happy for all the people that get to dine with us, though I admit the volume can be overwhelming. Most of my customers during
    RW are as friendly as the rest of the year and celebrate the spirit of the thing.I wish more of them blogged! Just a comment on how things look from the inside of the restaurant!

  • Waiter, thank you so much for taking the time to write your side of the story. I’ve tried to encourage wait staff to present their point of view. Tune in tomorrow as we honor the Server of the Week as voted by RW patrons. Thanks again and keep the reports coming.

  • PF

    In years past, RW week was disappointing, but I continue to support the cause. This year it was dinner at Nobu. Overall the experience for RW was similar to non RW dining at Nobu, just a bit more crowded. We received a courteous greeting from the hostess, quick welcome by the waiter, RW week menu (first page of menu book), and regular menu explained. The table next to us was not dining from the RW week menu and I didn’t notice a difference in service between the tables. The support staff (food runners) did a marvelous job – attentive, timely, on point. Food overall was fine; no complaints. The RW week menu is similar to the “ bento box” menu served in the bar ($25) , or the Nobu Set Dinner ($35 on one menu, $45 on another- whoops), plus dessert. Thank you to the folks at Nobu/Dallas for participating in RW.

  • marisa

    M, I was at Bijoux on Monday night. I have now spoken to another friend who also had the same experience on Friday night. Really toooo bad !!

  • chris

    Went to Abacus Friday night for RW. I know many chefs believe they won’t get customers coming back after RW, but it’s simply not the case. A lot of times, the wife and I will try a restaurant during RW and if they can pull it off then, then we’re comfortable they can succeed during regular weeks.

    Suffice it to say, we won’t be going back to Abacus. The food choices and quantities were actually very respectable and didn’t make you feel like you were eating a 35 dollar charity meal. The cooking was just awful though. Whoever was manning the grill was just too heavy-handed on the pork chop and the snapper was over-done as well. Failing basic cooking methods like that doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence or desire to return.