Molecular Mixology at The Second Floor in Dallas

Dallas is well-known for a lot of great happy hours but if you want one that includes a show to go with the drinks  that will have you talking about your experience for weeks  head to The Second Floor at the Westin Galleria. Execuchef J. Chastain has devised five molecular mixology cocktails with flavors and textures quite unlike almost anything else around.

This is one of those cases where the proof of the pudding is in the drinking so let’s go through the preparation of each cocktail with gun and camera…

Fire and Ice Shot. J. Chastain’s take on the familiar mojito.

Strawberries and Crémant Cocktail. It looks like salmon roe floating in the glass, but things are not always what they seem…

Bloody Mary Sorbet Trio. Three glasses, containing Vodka Tequila and Gin, are each made into a Bloody Mary. This dish got three out of four votes in our party as Best of The Bunch.

Light Cosmopolitan. Hanger Mandarin Vodka and Cranberry with Lime Viognier Foam.

Nitrogen Car Bomb. Guiness Float with Nitro Jameson Bailey’s Ice cream. My personal fave.

The molecular mixology menu is served from 6pm until 7pm on Friday only. Reservations are required. 972-450-2978.