Monica Greene is Returning to Dallas to Open a New Restaurant Called Distrito

One of the many logos being considered.

Just off the phone with a very peaceful and centered Monica Greene. She is in town scouting locations for a new restaurant to be called Distrito. She has her eyes on a location but nothing has been signed.

“Yes, I am here setting the foundation for my return,” she said. “I am meeting with people and would-be investors.”

For the last two years, Monica has been in Aspen running a small vegetarian/vegan bistro on the top floor of the Explorer Bookstore & Bistro owned by Dallasite Cheryl Wyly.

“I let the chef go and I’ve been back in the kitchen creating healthy menus and touching food again,” she said. “Aspen has given me my health back. It has been a long slow process of getting my mind back to an incredible attitude about food.”

Monica plans to return to Dallas in September, upgrade the menu at Monica’s Aca y Alla, and get  Distrito open in time for the Super Bowl. “I’m very excited,” she said. “I can’t transmit how much through the phone line. I’ve been eating at new concepts all over Dallas and I am amazed by the savvy attitude and energy [of the restaurant business] in Dallas. It’s not dull like Denver.”

Wherever she chooses to open, Monica will be in the kitchen. The focus of her food will be healthy, green, and organic.


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  • TLS

    Looking forward to it! Welcome back, Monica.

  • And if she gets tired of being all healthy, reopening Ciudad would suit me just fine!!

  • gm

    Thank GOODNESS! I miss Ciudad. And what was her short-lived spot downtown that was fabulous? Loved that place, too.

  • ericthegardener

    Well according to a post that Monica herself made at she has chosen a site “next to a car dealership on Davis St.” near the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff.

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  • Stephen

    @ qm, it was Pegaso…loved that place.

    Also, the map in the logo is of Oak Cliff, the green spots are Kidd Springs and Lake Cliff parks. Seems to confirm the statement on

  • Jackson

    Explorer Bookstore in Aspen is owned by Dallasite Cheryl Wyly, not Wylie.

    She’s Sam’s wife.

  • Thanks, Jackson. I know better. All fixed. All, Monica mentioned Bishop Arts but the deal is not done. And until any deal is done she’s not confirming.

  • Welcome back Monica!

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  • paige

    glad your coming home monica. look forward to trying your new place as they have all been great! good luck!

  • Bee Hive

    Shut up! Bring back Joanne Bondy!!

  • s

    …this just made my weekend; and @MARGIE, TOTALLY AGREE!!!