• Sign up. Do it. These are the most unique dining events you’ll ever hope to experience in Dallas. Yes, the food is delicious, but Jordan and his team have created something really special with these dinners, I look forward to each one. Think 48 Nights but 100x better.

  • Curious

    Where are the dinners held? I see the 5/1 event was in Abilene.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Bear in mind that these events are not directly comparable to 48 Nights. The latter is primarily a charity fundraiser, this is a commercial “mobile restaurant” with impromptu locations and hours. Nothing wrong with that, but readers here should be aware of what they are buying.

  • Curious, click the “here you go” link for other event nights.

  • Curious

    NN: thanks, but maybe I’m missing something. is it so underground that you only find out the location once you purchase the tickets?

  • @ curious – yes, they send out the location details as the event approaches. It’s always in the Dallas area unless they specify ahead of time, and the last two events I attended were in Lakewood. Also, @ Worzel, the proceeds from the last two events have gone to local charitable efforts.